UFO EpisodeS: timings, acronyms and technical dialogueS: #13~16

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogues from UFO Episodes 13 to 16:
(Close Up, Confetti Check A-O.K., E.S.P. and Kill Straker!).

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5th of October, 2021

UFO Episode timings, technical phrasing and abbreviations (acronyms)

These are terms/acronyms used in all 26 episodes of UFO.

S.S.T. = SuperSonic Transport (#01 @ 11:32)

S.O.L. = Speed Of Light (#01 @ 23:32)

E.E.T. = Earth Elapse Time (#01 @ 13:40)

C.E.O. = Clear for Earth Orbit (#02 @ 01:40)

E.T.A. = Estimated Time of Arrival (#05 @ 06.52)

V.A.C. = Ventura Aircraft Corporation (#05 @ xx.xx)

T.E.T. = Trans-Earth Trajectory (#06 @ xx:xx)

E.O.I. = Earth Orbit Insertion (#06 @ xx:xx)

S.P.S. = Service Propulsion System (#06 @ 31:53)

M.S.A. = Maximum Security Alert (#07 @ 05:21)
E.T.T. = Estimated Trajectory Termination (#07 @ 07.40)
I.G.R. = Ireland Ground RADAR (#08 @ 16:37)
I.G.R. = Inertial Grid Reference (#13 @ 01:34)
L.L.S. = Lunar Landing System (#13 @ 20:58)
A-O.K. = All OK. A-OK is a way of amplifying the term "OK" that everything is perfect.
D.S.P. = Deep Space Probe (#23 @ 05:56)
E.S.P. = Extrasensory Perception (#15 @ 36:14)
U.F.O. = Unidentified Flying Object

UFO Episode: Close Up

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Mon, 29th
Sept 1969

Thurs, 9th
Oct 1969
TIMING: 01:15 - SkyDiver Control
SkyDiver Navigator: In position, Captain. I.G.R. 140-288.
Captain Waterman: Right. Take her up, eight fathoms.
SkyDiver Navigator: Prepare surface stations. Blow tanks one through six...
SkyDiver Operative: Yes, sir.
SkyDiver Navigator: Steady at eight fathoms, sir.
Captain Waterman: Right! Nothing in sight. Prepare to surface.
SkyDiver Navigator: Surface stations!
Captain Waterman: Maintain visual and RADAR. Watch for surface vessels. Where are we, Lieutenant?
SkyDiver Lieutenant: Right here, Captain.
Captain Waterman: Fine. Well, we've made good time. Hover-cruise and twenty knots. Steer course: 126.
SkyDiver Navigator: Steer 126. Twenty knots. Tracking aerial setup, sir.
Captain Waterman: Right. This is SkyDiver to Control. We have surfaced. In position to check for satellite.

In S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford:
Roger, SkyDiver.

SkyDiver Navigator:
What's happening, Captain?
Captain Waterman: Well, I've got a feeling it's pretty important. Commander Straker's playing this one close to his chest.
SkyDiver Navigator: There's the signal.
Captain Waterman: Looks good!
SkyDiver RADAR Operative: I have a RADAR sighting. Bearing 279.
Captain Waterman: Right. Looks like a freighter. Take her down.
SkyDiver Navigator: Yes, sir. Dive, dive, dive...

Captain Waterman: SkyDiver to S.H.A.D.O. Control.
Lieutenant Ford: S.H.A.D.O. Control.
Captain Waterman: We had to crash-dive to avoid a surface vessel.
Lieutenant Ford: What was it?
Captain Waterman: A freighter. But, I'm sure they didn't see us. Before we dived, we did manage to pick up the satellite. Its orbit looked good.
Lieutenant Ford: Thank you, SkyDiver. I'll tell Commander Straker.
TIMING: 04:45 - Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman are on their way to the Tracker Station in Straker's S.H.A.D.O. car.
Colonel Freeman:
How far is it now?
Commander Straker: Oh, around eight miles.
Colonel Freeman: Do you think it'll work?
Commander Straker: Well, I think so... but then, I always was an eternal optimist!
TIMING: 05:05 - In the Tracker Station Control room
Tracking Station Operative:
Four minutes, Doctor.
Doctor Young: Right! Check aerial latitude...
Tracking Station Operative: Ten seconds to transmission check, sir. 

The satellite in Earth's orbit starts to take images
Doctor Young: Right! There it is... smack on the nose!

Tracking Station Operative: The first transmissions are coming through, sir. Signal strength 012-147.
Doctor Young: What's the distortion?
Tracking Station Operative: Minimal. Decimal 072.
Doctor Young: Fine. Keep tracking.
TIMING: 06:34 - Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman are on their way to the S.H.A.D.O. HQ
Colonel Freeman:
I think Doctor Young was a little put out at not being able to see the results.
Commander Straker: Yes. Security is a word I don't like to throw at a man who goes out of his way to co-operate.
Colonel Freeman: Maybe we can send him a couple of prints?
Commander Straker: Let's see if there's anything on the tape to print!
TIMING: 07:05 - Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman arrive in S.H.A.D.O. Control
Commander Straker:
All setup, Ford?
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Ford is setting up the MK IV Recording System, and installing the magnetic tape handed to him by Colonel Freeman
Commander Straker:
Look at that!
Colonel Freeman: Look at the detail. That's taken from nearly 500 miles (804.67 km) out.
Commander Straker: Fantastic quality!

In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Colonel Freeman:
 It's fantastic! A real breakthrough. See this one here... range four-hundred and ninety miles, magnification x250! It's like a helicopter shot.
Commander Straker: Well, I'm convinced. We'll throw everything we've got into getting this project approved.

The scanning data shown on each of the photo-prints
Range 500 Miles
. Magnification x1 - Exposure Cycling 014-247 - Electron Impact x
Range 490 Miles. Magnification x10 - Exposure Cycling 014-247 - Electron Impact 017 24
Range 500 Miles. Magnification x100 - Exposure Cycling 014-247 - Electron Impact x
TIMING: 09:20 - In Doctor Kelly's Laboratory. Commander Straker enters the room
Commander Straker:
How's it going, Kelly?
Doctor Joseph Kelly: Pretty well, Commander. 
Lieutenant John Masters: In fact, the test run was so successful, there are very few modifications needed.
Commander Straker: Well, it's quite a set-up. When can I tell the Commission we'll be ready to go?
Lieutenant Masters: Three to four weeks. We just have to check out the link systems.
Commander Straker: Good. That's what I wanted to hear.
Doctor Kelly: Oh, Commander! Could I have a word with you? Do you mind, John?
Lieutenant Masters: No, not at all...

Commander Straker: Well, what's on your mind?
Doctor Kelly: Tomorrow, you're going to ask the Astro-Space Commission for a billion dollars.
Commander Straker: Yes, for one of the most important projects S.H.A.D.O. has ever undertaken.
Doctor Kelly: Sure. It's the first item on the agenda. There are fifty-three others. Mine's number fifty-two. It comes right after, how much do we spend on new coffee machines. Look, all I'm asking for is fifty-thousand dollars, and the chances are I won't get it...
Commander Straker: I don't see I can help you, Kelly.
Doctor Kelly: I think my projects' important, sir. You could help me...
Commander Straker: Now wait a minute! You've done a great job on the device... but your group...
Doctor Kelly: Group! There are just two of us, Commander. But, with that fifty-thousand dollars we could complete the development on the stereo-scan. 
Commander Straker: I'd like to help. But, I think you're looking the wrong way, Kelly. Space! That's where you should turn your talent.
Doctor Kelly: Well, I hope you get your billion...
Commander Straker: Oh, I'll get it. It's a space project!
TIMING: 11:00 - At the International Astrophysical Commission
General Henderson:
All very pretty, but don't pull a bulldozer job in here, Straker!
Commander Straker: I won't have to...

General Henderson: Gentlemen... The financial committee for the Astro-Space Commission is in session. Now you all know Commander Straker, and by the billion-dollar cost estimate beside it, you will have realised that the first project on the agenda is his.
Commander Straker: Thank you, General. Gentlemen, this drawing shows a standard B-142 space probe. Now, the project will use a modified version of this spacecraft. I'd like you to notice the domed-structure here. Now, from this cross-section, you'll see that incorporates a device which - in layman's terms - can best be described as an electronic-telescope. The principal is very simple, it is a telescope which instead of using light operates with a stream of electrons. And, it's capable of scanning with a magnification of up to times 2,500. Lieutenant Masters...
Lieutenant Masters: These shots of the Earth were taken from an orbit between 450 (724.2 km) and 500 (804.67 km) miles out.
Commander Straker: The electron-telescope scans an area, radio's the information back to Earth, and the impulses are transmitted (translated) into these pictures, and as you can see the definition is as good as any normal photograph. The tracking and homing mechanisms are also very elaborate, but they've been fully tested, and will enable the probe to home-in on the planet from two million miles out.
General Henderson: I'm sorry to dissolution you, Straker! But, I can get you great shots of the Earth with a two dollar camera from a balloon!
Commander Straker: Yes! I should have been more explicate, General. By the planet, I didn't mean Earth! The purpose of the project, gentlemen, is to enable the probe to track and follow a UFO to its origin. To home-in and get high-definition close-ups of the Alien planet. Now my project, is to launch a standard or a modified B-142 space probe, and place it into a parking orbit around the Moon.
General Henderson: S.H.A.D.O. don't have those kinds of facilities!
Commander Straker: No. We would have to use NASA for the launch. Now the telescope and the electronics are still on the secret list. So, they would have to be fitted by Moonbase astronauts after the probe had been placed in a parking orbit.
TIMING: 14.48 - Commander Straker arrives back In S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Freeman:
Commander Straker: Find Foster, and bring him into my office, Alec.
Colonel Freeman: Well? Did they approve it?
Commander Straker: We've got ourselves a deal. We even got a time slot from NASA! Launch, 712 in four weeks time.
Colonel Freeman: Well, that's great.
Commander Straker: Yes, we could be a lot closer to some of the answers.
TIMING: 15:32 - In Doctor Kelly's Laboratory: Doctor Kelly and Lieutenant Masters
Lieutenant Masters:
Well, there she is; ready to go!
Doctor Kelly: Yeah.
Lieutenant Masters: You know, I've learnt a lot in these last weeks. Listen, have you got a pen? 
Doctor Kelly: Um? Mmm...
Lieutenant Masters: I thought I'd just write out the cheque for fifty-thousand...
Doctor Kelly: Oh, that's all right. I can cash in some of the family jewels. Anyway, there's always next year or the year after. Well, she's all yours, Lieutenant. I hope it gets you those shots. 
Lieutenant Masters: Yes. I'll see you around.
Lieutenant Ford's voice over the speaker: "Will Lieutenant Masters report for pre-lunar medical right away."
TIMING: 16:36 - In Commander Straker's office. Colonel Freeman walks in
Colonel Freeman:
Long day?
Commander Straker: Long month! Well, I think we're set. Listen, I'm thinking of taking Keith Ford with me to Moonbase.
Colonel Freeman: Good idea. You're going to need all the help you can get.
Commander Straker: Yes. Listen, Alec, you better keep all Earth/Lunar communication down to a minimum. 
Colonel Freeman: Sure. What's the situation on the launch?
Commander Straker: The launch? Well, I think we can safely leave that with NASA.
TIMING: 17:35 - In NASA Launch Control
Rocket Launch Controller:
Give me a read-out on the master computer.
Launch Control Operative: Electronic read-out A-O.K. Countdown continues at T-Minus four hours, thirty-two minutes, eight seconds.
Rocket Launch Controller: Missile power: Go! Water system: Go! Fuel system: Go! Telemetry: Go! T-Minus three minutes...
Launch Control Operative: We have Green on all readouts. T-Minus Sixty seconds.

Rocket Launch Controller: 29... 28... 27... We have go for ignition at minus twenty... 25... 24... 23... 22... 21... 20... 19... 18... Main stage ignition... 14... 13... 12... 11... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Zero! 
Launch Control Operative: We have lift-off! We have lift-off!
Rocket Launch Controller: T-Plus 55! T-Plus 60! T-Plus 65! She looks good!

In S.H.A.D.O. Control, Lieutenant Ford communicates with Commander Straker in his office
Lieutenant Ford:
NASA reports the launch is successful, sir.
Commander Straker: Right!

The B-142 Space Probe heads for the Moon, and once it arrives it transfers to a full planned orbit

The S.H.A.D.O. Lunar Carrier (05911-5) and Lunar Module takeoff. The Lunar Module separates and then heads for the Moon

TIMING: 20.50 - Moonbase Control Sphere - Lieutenant Gay Ellis is seated at the Central Control Console
Lieutenant Ellis:
Moonbase Control to Lunar Module... switch to automatic L.L.S. We'll bring you in by radio beam.
Lieutenant Barry: Touchdown minus twenty seconds.
Lieutenant Ellis: Right.

The Lunar Module lands. Commander Straker, Colonel Foster, Lieutenant Ford and Lieutenant Masters arrive.

Moonbase Operative: Welcome to Moonbase, Commander.
Commander Straker: Thank you!
Moonbase Operative: If you'll come with me, I'll show you to your quarters.
Commander Straker: Oh, you two go along. Paul, let's go to Control. I want to check on that space probe report.

Lieutenant Ellis: Hello, Commander!
Commander Straker: Lieutenant... Nina... Joan!
Lieutenant Ellis: How was the flight?
Commander Straker: Very smooth, thank you. How's everything here?
Lieutenant Ellis: Fine.
Commander Straker: Lieutenant, do you have the space probe report? Oh good, good.
Lieutenant Ellis: Apogee zero decimal 124 below requirements, but we can easily correct it. I've, er... worked out a rough schedule for the astronauts. We understand the probe is to be modified in space.
Commander Straker: Well, this is great! Well, we'll have to go through it together, of course...
Lieutenant Ellis: I did say it was a rough schedule, sir. Excuse me, sir... 
TIMING: 22:40 - Commander Straker over the Moonbase loudspeaker system

Commander Straker: Because of the radio security clampdown, no one on Moonbase knows the purpose of Project Discovery... as it has been codenamed. But, I do know how hard some of you have worked on it. As you know, a modified B-142 space probe has been placed into a parking orbit around the Moon. Now, the first phase is to fit specialised equipment into the probe. This equipment has already been shipped to Moonbase from Earth. Phase Two is to manoeuvre a UFO into a position, where the probe can be activated into a flight pattern which will enable it to follow the Alien back to its origin. When the probe gets within two million miles of its target, it will start to transmit. With luck, we should get the first close up shots of another world. It will be our first step in bringing the fight back to the alien planet. Thank you.

Commander Straker: An exciting situation, Lieutenant!
Lieutenant Ellis: Yes, it is.
Commander Straker: Look, you'd better get things set up as fast as possible. 
Lieutenant Ellis: Right. Who's going out to the probe?
Commander Straker: Colonel Foster and Lieutenant Masters.
TIMING: 24:10 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Ellis:
Moonbase Control to Lunar Module: your flight pattern is go for rendezvous. 
Colonel Foster: Right! Confirm one decimal four.
Lieutenant Ford: Zero-two-two-four-one-seven.
Colonel Foster: Roger, Control. We have visual contact.

Colonel Foster:
We're in position., On-board computer reads go for spacewalk.

Lieutenant Ford (to Lieutenant Ellis): We have green on all systems.

Lieutenant Ellis: Moonbase Control to Lunar Module, confirm GO for spacewalk.

Lieutenant Masters: Safety lines checked!
Colonel Foster: Send out the camera on my signal...

Lieutenant Masters: About to board satellite. Condition Green.

Colonel Foster: Stage one, complete!
Lieutenant Ellis: Control to space team, roger!
Commander Straker: Great work, Paul. Pass my congratulations on to your team.
TIMING: 28:02 - Commander Straker discusses the plan in the Moonbase Leisure Sphere with Colonel Foster, Lieutenant Ellis, Lieutenant Barry, Space Tracker Harrington, Lieutenant Ford, Lieutenant Masters and two Interceptor Pilots.
Commander Straker:
Now, I've asked you all here to explain the next and most vital phase of the operation. Now, the space probe is in orbit, the equipment has been installed and fully tested. Lieutenant Ellis!
Lieutenant Ellis: The... er... problem is to force a UFO into an orbit complimentary to the space probes. Then, we can activate the tracking systems on the B-142, and enable it to latch on to the UFO. This will involve scheduling the Interceptors very precisely. We've made a computer study of UFO approaches, and the general pattern is marked... as you can see.
Commander Straker: Now, Lieutenant Ellis has compiled an Interceptor schedule, but a lot of decisions will have to be made on the spot.
Colonel Foster: Does that mean we'll have to play this one by ear?
Commander Straker: Right!
Colonel Foster: Isn't that dangerous?
Lieutenant Ellis: It involves a certain risk, Colonel...
Commander Straker: A calculated risk, Lieutenant... based on a careful weighing of human factors as much as logic... Well, all we have to do now is, wait for a UFO!
TIMING: 29:28 - The UFO makes a fast approach... SID announces a RED Alert.
Space Intruder Detector (SID):
Red alert! UFO bearing 142 Blue. UFO maintaining course.

Lieutenant Barry: This is Control! I have a RED Alert. I repeat, a RED Alert. Have UFO on positive track, 142 Blue.
Space Tracker Harrington: Speed: SOL 8 decimal 35.
Lieutenant Barry: 140... 139... 
Colonel Foster: SID has just confirmed, it's coming in on the predicted flight-path.
Commander Straker: Good! Well, she's all yours, Lieutenant!
Lieutenant Ellis: Right. This is Control to Interceptors... Immediate launch. Repeat, immediate launch!

Lieutenant Waterman: Okay, let's go!
TIMING: 30.58 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere
Commander Straker:
This is Commander Straker. You all realise how important this mission is... your Controller will be Lieutenant Ellis, flight plans will be relayed by Lieutenant Ford.
SID: UFO maintaining course. Speed SOL minus eight point three five.
Lieutenant Ford: UFO maintaining course and speed.

Lieutenant Ford: Stand by for on-board computer read-in: zero, zero one zero two (0-0-102), one three one nine (1-3-1-9), zero two four, input end.

Interceptor Pilot: Roger, Control.

SID: UFO maintaining course. Bearing 142 Blue. Range eighteen million miles. 

SID: Seventeen million miles.

Space Tracker Harrington: Entering area RED 081.

Colonel Foster: There it is...

Lieutenant Barry: It's changing course.
Space Tracker Harrington: UFO entering area RED 084. Speed SOL 8 Decimal 37.
Colonel Foster: We'll have to re-adjust the schedule!
Commander Straker: Right! Compute for new flight-plan.
Lieutenant Ford: Right, sir.

Lieutenant Barry hands Lieutenant Ford a newly computed flight-plan

Lieutenant Ford (to the Interceptor pilots via radio): Control to Interceptors. Stand-by for new flight plan. zero-four-two (042), one-four-eight (148), two-one-four-eight (2-1-4-8). Increase speed to SOL One decimal one two seven.

Interceptor One: Leader to two and three: alter course to 2 1 4 8.
Interceptor Two: Roger, Leader.

Space Tracker Harrington: Interceptors losing contact, sir.
Commander Straker: We've got to turn it! If, we use a detonation here... the UFO will be forced to swing away on this sort of a course. Tell the Interceptors to explode a missile in area Blue 128.

Lieutenant Ellis: Control to Interceptors: break formation! Will relay new flight plans. 

Lieutenant Ellis: Control to Interceptors: missile timing... one five decimal one eight seconds.

Interceptor One: Thank you, Control. Commencing missile sequence.

Interceptor One: Firing minus five decimal two seconds.

Lieutenant Barry: Detonation positive!
Lieutenant Ellis: Its altered course.
Lieutenant Ford: UFO entering area Blue 132.
Lieutenant Barry: Maintaining speed.
Lieutenant Ford: Crossing into Blue 133.
Colonel Foster: It's coming round just right.

Space Tracker Harrington: It's accelerating, sir! Decimal three eight. Eight, decimal three nine.
Lieutenant Ellis: We'll have to use a second missile, sir.
Commander Straker: Are you sure?
Lieutenant Ellis: Yes!
Commander Straker: Right! Compute it.
Lieutenant Barry: Yes, sir.

Commander Straker: Well?
Lieutenant Ford: I think a missile in area 27, should do it, Commander.
Commander Straker: Order the missile launch.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir. 

Lieutenant Ford: Missile timing: one zero four - zero one eight - eight two six!
Interceptor One: Roger.

Space Tracker Harrington: Destination confirmed, sir!

SID: UFO veered to new course: Three zero one.

SID: Compute B-142 will link up in four three seconds.

The B-142 fires its engine as it starts to follow the UFO back to its home planet.

TIMING: 37.50 - In the Moonbase Leisure Sphere
Commander Straker: Colonel Foster. When do we leave?
Colonel Foster: Eighteen hundred hours tomorrow, sir.
Commander Straker: Good! Let me give you a piece of advice, Paul. Don't ever judge a situation by the end of a conversation.
TIMING: 38.11 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Barry:
Lunar Module take-off: minus eighteen minutes.
Commander Straker: I just came in to say thank you, girls!
Space Tracker Harrington: When will the first pictures be through, sir?
Commander Straker: Well, the experts tell me, fours months! So, let's hope that they're worth waiting for!
Lieutenant Barry: Goodbye!
Space Tracker Harrington: Goodbye, sir.

Commander Straker: Goodbye, Lieutenant!
Lieutenant Ellis: Goodbye, Commander!
Commander Straker: Oh, Gay... Next time you're on Earth furlough, drop in and see me.
Lieutenant Ellis: Yes, I will.
The B-142 Space Probe follows the UFO back to its home planet. As it approaches the planet, it starts to take images, and transmits them back to Earth.
TIMING: 39.26 - In S.H.A.D.O. Control

Lieutenant Ford communicates from S.H.A.D.O. Control with Commander Straker in his office
Lieutenant Ford: They're coming through now, sir.
Commander Straker: Right! Feed it through the decoder straight into printout.
Lieutenant Ford: Right, sir.

In S.H.A.D.O. Control, Commander Straker, Colonel Freeman, Colonel Foster and Lieutenant Ford wait next to the MK.IV Recording System for the printouts
Colonel Foster: Fantastic!
Colonel Freeman: Look at that!
Commander Straker: Tell the lab, I want their preliminary report in twenty-four hours.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker: We've got the answers, Alec. We've got the answers.
TIMING: 40:32 - Commander Straker enters Doctor Kelly's laboratory
Doctor Kelly: Commander...
Commander Straker: I did say twenty-four hours, Kelly!
Doctor Kelly: Yes, sir. But we hadn't time to type up a report.
Commander Straker: Then give it to me, verbally!
Doctor Kelly: There was a fault in the device.
Commander Straker: A fault!
Doctor Kelly: Yes, sir. The range and magnification on each shot wasn't transmitted.
Commander Straker: And just what is that supposed to mean?
Doctor Kelly: That means expect for superfluous detail, these shots tell us very little.
Commander Straker: Look, what are you trying to sell me, Kelly! Look at that, look at that detail! It must tell you something?
Doctor Kelly: Yes, but was it taken from 500 hundred or a hundred miles? With a magnification of one or one thousand?
Commander Straker: Oh come on... Look, if I take a picture of a girl, from three feet or a hundred yards, I can still see it's a girl!
Doctor Kelly: I want to show you something, Commander. Now, whatever the range, that's a shot of the Alien planet... a close-up of the surface.
Commander Straker: Yes, and I'm no expert, but that must be some sort of vegetation.
Doctor Kelly: Some sort of vegetation, you think? You could be right. Well, why don't we take another look? Now, let's pull back. You'll notice the curvature of the horizon.
Commander Straker: Well, surely from that we can work out an approximation of the overall size?
Doctor Kelly: Let's pull back a little more...
Commander Straker: What is this, Kelly? Some sort of joke?
Doctor Kelly: You said earlier, Commander, you could recognise a girl from three feet or a hundred yards. What about when the shot is from thirty inches, with a magnification from zero to ten-thousand. 

Lieutenant Gay Ellis: Hello, Commander!
Commander Straker: Lieutenant.
Doctor Kelly: Thank you. You can relax now.
Commander Straker: Er, hold it there a minute, will you Lieutenant! Magnification zero, times ten, one hundred, a thousand!

Lieutenant Ellis: Not the most flattering of pin-ups! Nor, the best way to spend a furlough...
Doctor Kelly: Thanks for all your help, Gay!
Lieutenant Ellis: Pleasure. Goodbye, Commander.
Commander Straker: Lieutenant! Yes, I'm beginning to see the problem.
Doctor Kelly: I'd like you to have a look at that monitor. What would you say this is, Commander?
Commander Straker: Well, before your demonstration, I would have said a lava formation of some kind.
Doctor Kelly: Actually, it's a section of fractured polystyrene.
Commander Straker: It's incredible.
Doctor Kelly: Here's another.
Commander Straker: From the structure in the centre, it could be a building.
Doctor Kelly: In fact, Commander, it's a grain of pollen. Another shot which could well be taken for a strange rock formation.
Commander Straker: Yes, I have to agree.
Doctor Kelly: Puffed wheat, sir. Without knowing details of range and magnification, the lava flow becomes a piece of polystyrene, magnification 2155. A pollen grain becomes a futuristic building, and a grain of puffed wheat, a rock formation.
Commander Straker: Tell me, how are these shots produced?
Doctor Kelly: Well, microphotography is well-established. But the secret is a three-dimensional effect: the depth of focus. It's been known for twenty-five years, but it needs development.
Commander Straker: So, while we've all been looking into outer space, men like you have been sitting on this, inner space... your pet project.
Doctor Kelly: Yes, it's a vast area, almost completely unexplored. But, I believe it'll give us answers to some of the basic questions about the universe, and even life itself.
Commander Straker: Well, maybe we've all been looking... the wrong way.
TIMING: 44:36 - Commander Straker is now with General Henderson in his office within the International Astrophysical Commission building
Commander Straker: You know... when you really think about it, everything in this office, every object, even a speck of dust contains billions of particles. And, each particle is made up of millions of atoms. A whole universe within these four walls. I walk along a beach, stand with billions of grains of sand beneath my feet. There's everything we know, this office, our world, the vastness of space itself! Inside one grain of sand on another beach, on another world, in another universe! Space is infinite, both ways; outward and inward!
General Henderson: You can tell Kelly, he'll get his appropriation... maybe more than he expects... I get the picture!
Commander Straker: A greatly magnified picture, General!

UFO Episode: Confetti Check A-O.K.

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing


Fri, 10th
Oct 1969


Wed, 22nd
Oct 1969
TIMING: 09:48 - Colonel Ed Straker knocks at General Henderson's door
General James Henderson:
Come in... ...Ah, Colonel. Good to see you!
Colonel Ed Straker: Well, how are they treating you, sir?
General Henderson: Fine, fine. Sit down. Look, I'm sorry to have fouled you up like this.
Colonel Straker: It's all right, sir.
General Henderson: How did your wife take it?
Colonel Straker: Oh, she's fine.
General Henderson: Yes, that's what you need in this job... an understanding wife! (NB: the implications of his comment are that his wife does not... ). Well, let's get on with it, shall we? Apparently, I'm stuck in this chair for another couple of months. Now things are happening, Ed. A lot of it's going to fall on your shoulders. The Special Committee of the United Nations meets the day after tomorrow. We get the "Go-No Go" decision then.
Colonel Straker: And you want me to be there?
General Henderson: Now who else?
TIMING: 11:31 - Colonel Ed Straker enters the meeting room for the 'Special Committee' at the United Nations, New York
English Delegate: Ah, Colonel Straker...
Colonel Straker: Gentlemen!
English Delegate: Please sit down.
Colonel Straker: Thank you. First of all, I should like to apologise on behalf of General Henderson for his absence. As you probably know, he's still recovering from injuries he received in the ... car crash.
English Delegate: Thank you, Colonel. No doubt, you... will make an excellent substitute. Now gentlemen, I suggest the best way for us to proceed is a process of question and answer.
French Delegate: Colonel... as representatives of our respective Governments, we are being asked to approve the largest financial appropriation ever envisaged for an international project. Two questions: Is the project, the whole project absolutely necessary, and if it is... are we getting value for money?
Colonel Straker: I believe the setting up of S.H.A.D.O. is not only necessary, but absolutely vital. Every day, we just sit about and talk about it, the potential danger increases. As to your second question, I believe this breakdown of expenditure might be helpful.
German Delegate: A fleet of submarines, base on the Moon, Satellites?
Colonel Straker: If I might point out, sir... we're confronted with Alien spacecraft, possibly from another Solar System.
French Delegate: Maybe the General and Colonel Straker have been reading too much Science Fiction...
Colonel Straker: The Earth is faced with a power threat from an extraterrestrial source. We've moved into an age when science fiction has become fact. We need to defend ourselves.
French Delegate: ...and how long will it take to set up this defence organisation?
Colonel Straker: We estimate seven to ten years.
French Delegate: Ten years! But you say, but you say Colonel, the danger is imminent!
Colonel Straker: Yes, sir... that's true! But the type of organisation we need can't be setup overnight. All I say is that... any delay only increases the danger.
English Delegate: The estimate for security is astronomical!
Colonel Straker: It's a vital aspect.
French Delegate: Everything seems vital.
German Delegate: How is S.H.A.D.O. to be organised, um... regarding personnel? Hum...
Colonel Straker: On strictly military lines. We hope to recruit the best people available.
German Delegate: Internationally?
Colonel Straker: Yes.
French Delegate: And who, will command this international band of heroes?
American Delegate: My Government has stipulated that the Commander-in-Chief must be an American!
French Delegate: Oh yes, yes we know!
American Delegate: As the nation is being asked to dig a little deeper into it's pocket!
French Delegate: Naturally, naturally...
English Delegate: Gentlemen, gentlemen... We asked Colonel Straker here to answer our questions, I suggest we let him do so.
Colonel Straker: Well, there's no question in my mind, Gentlemen. There's only one man for the job, General Henderson. He's the obvious choice.
English Delegate: Any further questions? Thank you, Colonel Straker.
Colonel Straker: Monsieur Duvall... I understand you have three daughters?
French Delegate: Yes...
Colonel Straker: I pray that you'll never find yourself looking down at one of their mutilated bodies... I hope that the next UFO incident is not in your home town. Thank you for your time.

Colonel Straker places the documentation in the vaporiser as he leaves the room.
English Delegate: Well, Gentlemen... ?
TIMING: 15:15 - In General Henderson's medical room
General Henderson: It has been approved, unanimously. Ha ha! You've done a great job, Ed!
Colonel Ed Straker: Well, I thought I'd screwed it up, sir. I was only in there about ten minutes.
General Henderson: Well, all you've got to do now is work sixteen hours a day for the next ten years.
Colonel Ed Straker: Sure!
General Henderson: Oh er... there is another thing I had to tell you. They appointed the Commander-in-Chief.
Colonel Ed Straker: Who?
General Henderson: You!
Colonel Ed Straker: Me?
General Henderson: Again, it was unanimous, er... It seems the French Delegate was particularly insistent.
Colonel Ed Straker: But sir... why?
General Henderson: Why not choose me? Oh come on, let's not kid ourselves, Colonel. What sort of shape am I in? What sort of shape would I be in, in ten years time?
Colonel Ed Straker: Oh, nonsense, General. Why, in a couple of months you'll be out of that thing. Up and about as fit as ever.
General Henderson: You can always refuse. But, if you do, it's got to be now. There'll be no turning back, later!
TIMING: 18:55 - International Astrophysical Commission
General Henderson is at his desk when the intercom buzzes
General Henderson's secretary: Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman to see you, sir.
General Henderson: Send them right in. Well, gentlemen, nice to see you.
Commander Straker: How are you, General?
General Henderson: Fine... fine.
Commander Straker: Oh, this is our first recruit, Alec Freeman.
General Henderson: Glad to know you, Freeman. Welcome to S.H.A.D.O.
Commander Straker: Thank you, sir.
General Henderson: I've er... glanced through your record. Combat pilot. In Air Force Intelligence. That's the sort of background we need. Well, Ed? How do you like the office?
Commander Straker: Well... looks very nice.
General Henderson: I've er... been kicked up here to keep a fatherly eye on you. I'll be holding the purse strings.
Commander Straker: Well that sounds like it could be a lot of fun. How is the er... building programme coming on?
General Henderson: Oh, fine... fine. Sit down, Freeman. The studio may be worth a visit in a couple of months.
Colonel Freeman: From the plans, I'd say it's quite a construction job!
General Henderson: Yes, it is. But, I still think the main problem is finding the men to man it.
Colonel Freeman: We're working on it!
General Henderson: Right, gentlemen. Now let's get down to business. This could be a very late night.
TIMING: 22:36 - The Harlington-Straker Film Studios
Colonel Freeman: The blocks nearly finished
Commander Straker: Yes.
Colonel Freeman: What'll happen to it, then?
Commander Straker: Oh, it'll be used. When it's finished, a Government department's moving in. Income Tax, probably!
Colonel Freeman: All that for the sake of security?
Commander Straker: Mmm... How else can you cover up the excavating of a couple of million cubic feet of earth?
Colonel Freeman: I hear they're installing a voiceprint identification mechanism.
Commander Straker: Yes, I tried out the prototype last week. It identified me as a female technician from Dublin. They said it was only a teething problem!
Colonel Freeman: Well, they could be right. Come to think of it, you do look like one.
Both: A female technician from Dublin!!! Ha ha ha ha...
Colonel Freeman: Nice to see you smile again, Ed.

Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman go down to S.H.A.D.O. HQ in the lift.
Commander Straker: Hello, fellas!
Gordon Maxwell: Hello, sir.
John Masters: Hello, sir.
Commander Straker: Well, how's it all going?
Gordon Maxwell: Slow... but, we'll get there.
John Masters: Well, we are a bit behind. But, I think we can make it up, later!
Commander Straker: Good! That's what I like to hear. Let's take a look at the office, Alec.

Colonel Freeman: Well... it's all beginning to take shape!
Commander Straker: Yes! This is it. S.H.A.D.O. H.Q. The nerve-centre of the whole organisation. You know, Alec. Setting all this up, the delays, the problems, security, personnel, a thousand details, a hundred hold-ups. Sometimes seems like we're fighting a ten-headed monster!
Colonel Freeman: And, what drives you on? Fighting the monster.
Commander Straker: I don't know... something inside me I guess.
Colonel Freeman: It's called dedication.
Commander Straker: Pigheadedness would be nearer...
Colonel Freeman: How's Mary?
Commander Straker: Mary. She's fine, fine... ...no she's not, Alec. She's problem number one!

Commander Straker presses a button on a two-button wired controller to close the doors.
Commander Straker: Alec, I want to tell her...
Colonel Freeman: You can't do that!
Commander Straker: Not... not everything. Just... just enough to make her understand.
Colonel Freeman: It's impossible!
Commander Straker: She's got to know, Alec! She's got to realise how important all this is, how much time it takes. How else can I make her understand?
Colonel Freeman: It's out of the question, and you know it...
Commander Straker: What can I do, Alec? There must be something?
Colonel Freeman: Well, there isn't. Look, do you really want to tell, Mary? You want to risk her life? That's just what you'd be doing, you know? I don't like this any more than you do, but... you know what our security boys are like... make the C.I.A. look like a bunch of Sunday School Teachers. If you told Mary., and they found out... the security of all this... Billions of Dollars. It outweighs any individual: you, me, Mary... anybody. No, you can't tell her. It's the safest way... it's the only way!
TIMING: 28:52 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Commander Straker: Look, we're working night and day down here. I don't see why some fool of a sub-contractor shouldn't do the same. A week! Look, I'll give him three days to deliver. Right! Goodbye.
Background talk: Nothing.
Gordon Maxwell: We don't seem to be able to find the fault, sir.
Commander Straker: Well, keep checking. And. don't look at me like that! You're not the only one with a home to go to!
TIMING: 29:32 - Commander Straker's office and S.H.A.D.O. Control
Commander Straker: Put me through to supply!

Colonel Freeman: All right! Switch on, again.

Commander Straker: Yes, yes... All right, well let me know as soon as you can, will you? Thanks!

Colonel Freeman: Let's bus through the V.H.T. wiring...
John Masters: Okay.
Gordon Maxwell: Terminals 642 to 640
John Masters: Negative!
Gordon Maxwell: Well, mark it down.

Colonel Freeman: We've got trouble on the computer interface with the readout unit.
Commander Straker: Oh no. Let's hope it's just one of those plug-in circuits, and nothing more serious!

John Masters: Nothing... could be a dry joint.
Commander Straker: All right! Let's try it again...

The Magnetic Tape unit fires up successfully
Gordon Maxwell: Seems fine!

Commander Straker: Okay, let's call it a day... um?
John Masters: Yes, sir. Goodnight.
Gordon Maxwell: Goodnight.
Commander Straker: Goodnight. Oh, and thanks, fellas!

Colonel Freeman: It's pretty late. If you like, you can come back to my place, it'll save you the drive.
Commander Straker: Yeah, maybe Alec. Maybe.
Colonel Freeman: Come on, I'll phone Mary and explain first thing in the morning.
Commander Straker: Oh, Mary! I was supposed to phone her three hours ago!
TIMING: 34:30 - Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman are taking a stroll
Colonel Freeman: Well, the Control Complex is complete. Fully operational. All we need now are the technicians.
Commander Straker: How are the first batch of recruits making out?
Colonel Freeman: Oh, security checks, aptitude tests, six-months training and then further tests, it's a pretty tough schedule. The original fifty have been whittled down to eight.
Commander Straker: Eight?
Colonel Freeman: Yes! The second batch seem to be doing a little better.
Commander Straker: When can we expect the first group to finish their training?
Colonel Freeman: A few months... it'll be Spring. Good time to start.
Commander Straker: Spring... my son will be born in the Spring.
Colonel Freeman: Your son? How do...
TIMING: 37:28 - Commander Straker, Nina Barry and the team (Colonel Freeman, Nina Barry, Joan Harrington, Ford, Maxwell, Masters) at Nina's apartment
Commander Straker: Well, it's been a long hard slog! But, we're ready! ...we're ready. I know how hard you've all worked, I think we can assume that the worst is over, and I want to thank you all.
Group: Thank you, sir.
TIMING: 45:00 - Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman are being driven in the back of a car to S.H.A.D.O. HQ.
Colonel Freeman: I'm sorry about this, Ed. You know I wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been absolutely necessary. Anyway, congratulations (Colonel Freeman hands Commander Straker a cigar.)
TIMING: 45:25 - Back in S.H.A.D.O. Control, Colonel Freeman lights Commander Straker's cigar
Commander Straker: There's too much cigar smoke around here, Alec. Tell somebody to turn on the fans to get rid of it.
Colonel Freeman: Right!
Commander Straker: Lieutenant Gray!
Lieutenant Gray: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker: Take a weeks furlough starting now...
Lieutenant Gray: But, sir?
Commander Straker: That's an order!
Lieutenant Gray: Right, sir?
Commander Straker: As for the rest of us... let's do a little work while we celebrate...

Commander Straker walks back into his office, sits at his desk and contemplates his own history of the starting of S.H.A.D.O., the complications, implications, and eventual outcome.

UFO Episode: E.S.P.

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Oct 1969

Tues, 4th
Nov 1969
TIMING: 07:18 - A UFO approaching Earth

S.H.A.D.O. Control Room
Lieutenant Ford:
Sighting confirmed. Course varying 8 to 10 degrees.
Colonel Freeman: Get Moonbase.
Lieutenant Ford: Right.

Lieutenant Gay Ellis appears on the left monitor screen above Lieutenant Ford's Communications desk.
Colonel Freeman: Hello Gay, how long has it been banking and weaving like this?
Lieutenant Ellis: It started 2 minutes 20 seconds ago, sir. Before that, the course and speed were constant.
Colonel Freeman: What were the readings?
Lieutenant Ellis: Course 037:164, Speed 1 decimal 6.
Colonel Freeman: We've never had a flight pattern like this before.
Lieutenant Ellis: Course still varying, speed now 0 decimal 85 and reducing...
Colonel Freeman: Thank you.

Colonel Freeman to Lieutenant Ford: How long before Commander Straker comes on duty?
Commander Straker: What's the panic?
Colonel Freeman: A UFO... its approach is much slower than usual, and it's varying course constantly.
Commander Straker: Yes... but, maintaining an overall flightpath. Yes, I agree with you, Alec. This zigzagging is unusual.
Colonel Freeman: It's almost as if it is trying to avoid something.
Commander Straker: Or, find something. Well, we can't take any chances. Sound a RED alert for all ground stations.
Lieutenant Ford: S.H.A.D.O. Control to all stations. We have a RED alert. Repeat, condition is RED.
TIMING: 09:23 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Ellis: Interceptors, immediate launch. Immediate launch. Standby to set missile control computer.
Astronaut Bradley: Right.
Lieutenant Ellis: Missile timing: one four seven five.
Astronaut Bradley: Missile launch, 10 seconds.

Lieutenant Barry: Positive. Contact lost.
Lieutenant Ellis: Moonbase to S.H.A.D.O. Control. We hit it, Commander.

Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Commander Straker: Well done, Lieutenant. Well, that one certainly made a new approach. I wonder what it was trying to do?
Colonel Freeman: We'll never know, I am glad to say.
Lieutenant Ellis: Cigar?
Colonel Freeman: Thank you!

Lieutenant Ellis contacts in via Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone
Lieutenant Ellis: Moonbase to S.H.A.D.O. Control.
Commander Straker: What is it, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ellis: I have another contact, sir.
Commander Straker: A second UFO?
Lieutenant Ellis: No sir, the same one.
Commander Straker: The same one! But you reported a positive detonation.
Lieutenant Ellis: I know sir. The scanners showed negative, but it's back.
Commander Straker: Well, what's the position now, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ellis: I'm sorry, sir. It's through Moonbase defences, heading for Earth.
Commander Straker: Thank you.
TIMING: 11:06 - S.H.A.D.O. Control Room
Commander Straker: I can't understand how those Interceptors missed? It seemed to me that that UFO was a sitting target.
Colonel Freeman: Maybe that's what we were supposed to think.
Commander Straker: That's a good point, Alec. Force the Interceptors to release their missiles, avoid them, then it gets a clear run past the Moonbase defences. Where is it now?
Lieutenant Ford: Range, seven million.
Commander Straker: Trajectory termination?
Lieutenant Ford: It's difficult to say. It's changing course more violently than before. The nearest we can get is Western Europe.
Commander Straker: Well, it could be damaged. Lieutenant Ellis reported a strike.
Lieutenant Ford: Speed increasing... One decimal four... One decimal eight... Two decimal four.
Colonel Freeman: That does it. We'll never get near it at that speed. We must get a closer E.T.T. Is the rate of descent constant?
Lieutenant Ford: More or less. Still a slight variation.
Colonel Freeman: Should be possible to work out a broad target area.
Lieutenant Ford: We'll try, but our readings are less than adequate computer data.
Colonel Freeman: Do your best, Lieutenant. It looks like it's going to hit. The question is, what is it up to?
Commander Straker: I'll tell you what I think, Alec. I think that UFO is under manual control. First, the flight variation was used to disrupt our computer programs. But now, I think the alien is fighting to regain control.
Colonel Freeman: That makes sense. If it's damaged?
Commander Straker: Yes, the next few minutes are going to be very interesting.
Lieutenant Ford: Trajectory termination. Areas 17 to 23.
Commander Straker: Too close for comfort. Sound a RED Alert.

S.H.A.D.O. Operative: Sir, course 017-422.
Commander Straker: Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ford: E.T.T. Area 17, map reference 405 GREEN.
Commander Straker: Alert the Mobiles!
TIMING: 13:24 - S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2
Colonel Foster: Mobile 2 to Control. Pass your instructions.
Lieutenant Ford via radio: This is RED alert. Proceed to map reference 405 GREEN. Standby!
Colonel Foster: Roger, Control.

Lieutenant Ford: Mobile 2 moving to E.T.T. now, sir.

Colonel Freeman: it's weaving offline again.
Commander Straker via radio to Mobile 2: S.H.A.D.O. Control to Mobile 2. This is Commander Straker. Get that area sealed off, Foster.
Colonel Foster: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker: I want a detailed survey of the area. If there is a specific target in there, I want to know about it.
TIMING: 15:22 - S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2
Colonel Foster: Mobile 2 to Control. According to our survey map, there's just a derelict farm and a couple of houses within a five-mile radius of the E.T.T.
TIMING: 15:37 - Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Commander Straker: It's wooded common land. What could be of interest there?
Colonel Freeman: it's out of control. The alien's being forced to crash-land.
Commander Straker: No, somehow I don't think so. I mean, what's it after? What could it want in a wilderness of trees and bracken.
TIMING: 16:09 - S.H.A.D.O. Control Room
S.H.A.D.O. Operative: UFO speed decreasing. 12,000 knots, range: 1,000 miles (1,609.34 km).
Lieutenant Ford: Course maintained, no deviation.
Commander Straker: So, it's back under control and slowing down enough for a landing.
Colonel Freeman: When's the estimated termination?
Lieutenant Ford: Five minutes, Colonel Foster won't have time to complete evacuation.

Lieutenant Ford: Speed, seven thousand five hundred knots , decreasing... range, six hundred miles.
Colonel Freeman: The road blocks should be in position now, the whole area sealed off.

Lieutenant Ford: Three minutes to termination. Course maintained, speed reducing.
Colonel Freeman: Come on, friend. We're waiting for you.
Commander Straker: It's going to be a perfect landing, Alec... and we're going to be right there.

Lieutenant Ford: One minute, course maintained. Speed... speed increasing!
Commander Straker: Check it!
Lieutenant Ford: No error, sir. It's coming down faster!
Commander Straker: Get me Colonel Foster!
Lieutenant Ford: Sir.

S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2
Colonel Foster: Mobile 2, go ahead, Control.
Commander Straker over the radio channel: The UFO has increased speed to crash velocity. It'll be too late to correct... you understand.
Colonel Foster: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker over the radio channel: Oh, and Colonel Foster... if there's a survivor, I want him.
Colonel Foster: Right!

S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2
Colonel Foster: Mobile to Control. I have audio on UFO, cloud cover preventing visual.
Lieutenant Ford over the radio channel: Roger, Mobile 2. It'll be over you in thirty seconds.
Colonel Foster: Roger.

S.H.A.D.O. Control Room
Lieutenant Ford: Decreasing speed. Switching. Yes, course altered two degrees.
Commander Straker: Colonel Foster, have you got visual contact?

Colonel Foster over the S.H.A.D.O. radio channel: No, sir. Still tracking on audio.

The UFO crashes into John Croxley's house, killing his wife, Stella Croxley.
TIMING: 19:54 - S.H.A.D.O. Control Room
Commander Straker: Get there as fast as you can, Colonel.
Colonel Foster: Yes, sir.

S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2
Colonel Foster: Mobile 2 to Control. It's crashed right into a house.
Commander Straker over the S.H.A.D.O. radio channel: All right, Colonel. Do what you can.

S.H.A.D.O. Control Room
Commander Straker: I don't understand it, Alec. Under control, then out of control. Crash landing velocity, then safe landing velocity. Now it hits a house!

The UFO explodes completely, damaging the house even further, destroying S.H.A.D.O. Mobile 2, killing the co-driver and injuring Colonel Foster.
TIMING: 21:09 - Commander Straker and Colonel Freeman in Ed's S.H.A.D.O. car approaching Croxley's house
Colonel Freeman: Quite a mess.
Commander Straker: Now let's go over the facts, Alec. Now, right from the start that UFO was on an unusual flight pattern.
Colonel Freeman: Oh, we can only guess it was a method to outmanoeuvre the Interceptors.
Commander Straker: Yes. But let's say it came in damaged.
Colonel Freeman: And, unable to control his ship, the alien tried to land, failed and hit that house.
Commander Straker: No, I don't buy that, Alec. For a while it was out of control, yes. But just before impact, it seemed to be fine. Then, it looped that line of tree's, and smashed straight into an isolated house.
Colonel Freeman: Sheer coincidence. The house just happened to be in the way.
Commander Straker: Well, you could be right. But there's enough doubt in my mind to want to see the place for myself.
TIMING: 28:35 - Miss Ealand's office
Miss Ealand is examining a large envelope covered in stamps addressed to Ed Straker. The address shown is:-

Mr. Ed Straker,
Harlington-Straker Studios,
Harlington West,

NB: In the UFO Episode: 'Exposed', Paul Foster finds an envelope in Kofax's safe, addressed to Ed Straker, with an alternate address, shown as:-

Ed Straker,
Harlington Straker Studios,

NB: The postcode: CV-105 is very close to XV-104, and could have been an intentional clue as part of a potential trap for Paul Foster.

Ed Straker enters Miss Ealand's office.
Ed Straker: Good morning, Miss Ealand.
Miss Ealand: Good morning, sir.
Ed Straker: Well, somebody wanted to make sure that got here.
Miss Ealand: It's been in the material analyser... just paper.
Ed Straker: Well, with that number of stamps I would have expected a small atom bomb, at least!
Miss Ealand: It's probably a film script. It's addressed to you, personally. Do you want to read it?
Ed Straker: Well, I suppose ingenuity should not go unrewarded. Whoever sent it certainly knows how to draw attention to their work, maybe they can write too. I'll pass it along to the script department.
Miss Ealand: Right.
Ed Straker: Oh, by the way, have our medics cleared Foster yet?
Miss Ealand: Yes, sir. He's waiting, with Freeman.
TIMING: xx:xx - Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Commander Straker: Oh, Alec... I want you to go over to the ZETA Tracker Station. The Lieutenant in command there has come up with a new Grid Link-up. Might be something in it, there's no panic.
Colonel Freeman: I can go over there right away.
Commander Straker: Fine.
Colonel Freeman: Right. See you later. By the way... what's that?
Commander Straker: Well, I assume this is a film script.
Colonel Freeman: Well, why don't you open it and find out.

Commander Straker uses his S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone to speak to Control
Commander Straker: Get onto the ZETA Tracking Station, the Commander over there, Lieutenant Grant. Tell him to expect Colonel Freeman later on today.
Lieutenant Ford: Is there anything else, sir?
Commander Straker: No, no calls...

UFO Episode: Kill Straker!

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing


Wed, 5th
Nov 1969


Mon, 17th
Nov 1969
TIMING: xx:xx - x
"Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem. Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatur? Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem eum fugiat quo voluptas nulla pariatur?"