UFO EpisodeS: timings, acronyms and technical dialogueS: #5~8

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogues from UFO Episodes 5 to 8:
(Exposed, Conflict, The Dalotek Affair and A Question of Priorities).

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UFO Episode timings, technical phrasing and abbreviations (acronyms)

These are terms/acronyms used in all 26 episodes of UFO.

S.S.T. = SuperSonic Transport (#01 @ 11:32)

S.O.L. = Speed Of Light (#01 @ 23:32)

E.E.T. = Earth Elapse Time (#01 @ 13:40)

C.E.O. = Clear for Earth Orbit (#02 @ 01:40)

E.T.A. = Estimated Time of Arrival (#05 @ 06.52)

V.A.C. = Ventura Aircraft Corporation (#05 @ xx.xx)

T.E.T. = Trans-Earth Trajectory (#06 @ xx:xx)

E.O.I. = Earth Orbit Insertion (#06 @ xx:xx)

S.P.S. = Service Propulsion System (#06 @ 31:53)

M.S.A. = Maximum Security Alert (#07 @ 05:21)
E.T.T. = Estimated Trajectory Termination (#07 @ 07.40)
I.G.R. = Ireland Ground RADAR (#08 @ 16:37)
I.G.R. = Inertial Grid Reference (#13 @ 01:34)
L.L.S. = Lunar Landing System (#13 @ 20:58)
A-O.K. = All OK. A-OK is a way of amplifying the term "OK" that everything is perfect.
D.S.P. = Deep Space Probe (#23 @ 05:56)
E.S.P. = Extrasensory Perception (#15 @ 36:14)
U.F.O. = Unidentified Flying Object

UFO Episode: Exposed

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing


Thurs, 19th
June 1969
+ Thurs
3rd July

Tues, 1st
July 1969
Timing: 01:47 - Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone buzzer
Commander Straker:
Lieutenant Ford: Possible sighting, Commander.

SID: Have trace on positive track. Course 428-146 Green. Speed Zero SOL Eight. Range 32 million miles (51,499,008 km), closing. Red Alert, Red alert,
Space Tracker Harrington: Control to Interceptors, have UFO's on positive track. Green 140...
Lieutenant Barry: Moonbase to S.H.A.D.O. Control. Confirm UFO sighting, going for intercept.

SID: Maintaining speed and course. Apogee 027, Decimal 324.

SID: Range 20 million miles (32,186,880 km).
Lieutenant Ford: Positive track, Green 140-273. Yes, we have that! Roger, we confirm orbital reference. Speed correction, S.O.L. 0.7.
SID: I have Green on One, Two and Three. Speed SOL Zero decimal 78. Range: seventeen million miles (27,358,848 km).

Commander Straker: Anything?
Lieutenant Ford: No, nothing yet, sir.

SID: Missile three, destruct negative. UFO beyond Interceptor range heading for Earth.

Colonel Freeman: Pretty effective blanket detonation by the Interceptors.
Commander Straker: But, not good enough!
Colonel Freeman: Well, the one that got through is almost certainly damaged. Sky One should get it.
Commander Straker: Where's that trajectory termination?
Lieutenant Ford: Just coming through, sir. North Atlantic, Grid Reference: G6.

Lieutenant Ford: Commander Straker! There's an aircraft entering the target area!

SID: Confirm, tracking 013. Area Red 412. Have positive trace. Waiting for confirmation.
Commander Straker: Well, if it's not a military jet, what the blazes is it?
Colonel Freeman: It's not a commercial airliner, it's far too high, and way off the air-lanes.
Inside the XV-104 test aircraft
Test Pilot Paul Foster: XV-104 to control.
Ventura Control: This is control.
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Levelled out at 250,000 (47.35 miles). Airspeed 2200 (2531.72 mph). Pressure normal. Cabin pressure, 72. We'll start the test schedule when we get to area G6.
Ventura Control: G6. Roger XV-104.
Lieutenant Ford: Is that V.A.C.? Have you an aircraft overflying the Atlantic?
Colonel Freeman: Shall I call it off?
Lieutenant Ford: Now hold on... Sir, it's an experimental jet on a test flight.
Commander Straker: Commercial?
Lieutenant Ford: Ventura Aircraft Corporation; they're on the line...
Commander Straker: I understand you have a jet over the North Atlantic... Grid Reference, er...
Lieutenant Ford: G6!
Commander Straker: G6. Right! Tell your pilot to alter course. Well, anywhere! Just get him out of that area. Look, I don't care how much money it costs, get him out it out of there, or you won't have an aircraft to test!
Inside the XV-104 test aircraft
Co-pilot Jim Wade: We're a hundred and fifty miles from the test area. E.T.A. four minutes.
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Right!
Lieutenant Ford: It's SkyDiver, sir. Captain Carlin...
Commander Straker: What's the position your end, Captain?
Captain Carlin: Compute, we can go for immediate intercept after Sky One lifts off.
Commander Straker: Right!
Captain Carlin: Right, stand-by for lift-off.
Lieutenant Ford: Sky One airborne, sir. Going for intercept.
Inside the XV-104 test aircraft
Co-pilot Jim Wade: Course steady at 014. Airspeed 2185 knots (2514.45 mph).
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Jim...
Co-pilot Jim Wade: We're just about coming up to... What is it?
Test Pilot Paul Foster: We'll soon find out. We're closing... fast!
Co-pilot Jim Wade: It's unbelievable!
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Standby with the reconnaissance camera. Try to get some close shots.
Captain Carlin: Have UFO on RADAR track. Closing in for attack.

NB: RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the distance (range), angle, or velocity of objects (UFO's, aircraft, etc.). It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, UFO's, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. A RADAR system consists of a transmitter producing electromagnetic waves in the radio or microwaves domain, a transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna (often the same antenna is used for transmitting and receiving) and a receiver and processor to determine properties of the object(s). Radio waves (pulsed or continuous) from the transmitter reflect off the object and return to the receiver, giving information about the object's location and speed.
Inside the XV-104 test aircraft
Ventura Control: Control to XV-104.
Test Pilot Paul Foster: What is it, Control?
Ventura Control: Alter course to 024.
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Listen Bill, forget the test schedule. We're on to something up here. I'll explain later.
Ventura Control: Listen Paul. This is a direct instruction: alter course!
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Sorry, Control. Out.
Commander Straker: Get onto someone in authority. Dig the chairman out of bed if necessary.
Lieutenant Ford: What do I tell him?
Commander Straker: Tell him the aircraft's violating a wargame area. Anything. Just get it out of there!
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Captain Carlin: Range: 125 miles (201.17 km), closing...
Colonel Freeman: You'll have to call it off.
Commander Straker: Sky One attacks. That aircraft takes its chances.
Captain Carlin: Programme set. Missile launch, 25 seconds.
Inside the XV-104 test aircraft
Co-pilot Jim Wade: Paul... there's another aircraft.
Test Pilot Paul Foster: Just keep taking those shots!
Captain Carlin: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Zero!
Lieutenant Ford: Positive. UFO destroyed!
Commander Straker: And the jet?
Lieutenant Ford: It was close. It must have been hit...

UFO Episode: Conflict

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Wed, 2nd
July 1969

Mon, 14th July 1969
Timing: 01:35 - Space debris clearance spacecraft
Space Ship Navigator:
Sighting radius vector: 1096.
Space Ship Pilot: Alter course 4 decimal 31 degrees. Confirm bearings.
Space Ship Navigator: 109 decimal 6, orbital altitude 306 decimal 2 miles (3.22km).
Space Ship Pilot: Vostok 2 launched June 13, 65. Fire limpet.
Space Ship Navigator: Limpet attached. Moving away.
Space Ship Pilot: Standby... activate.
Space Ship Navigator: Positive, sir.
Space Ship Pilot: Resume course.

Space Ship Navigator: Confirm sighting at radius vector: 1520.
Space Ship Pilot: There she is...
Space Ship Navigator: Position and data correct.
Space Ship Pilot: Log and resume course.
Space Ship Navigator: Apollo 8 December 21, 1968. (NB: On Saturday, 21st of December 1968, the United States' Apollo 8 mission was launched and made a six-day trip to orbit the Moon, circling it a total of ten times. Astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were the first to take deep space pictures of Earth.)
Timing: 09:38 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Space Tracker Harrington: S.H.A.D.O. Lunar Module 32 cleared for takeoff at 14:21.34. Standby.
Captain Steve Maddox: Roger, Moonbase. Affirm T.E.T.
Space Tracker Harrington: Affirmative: Trans-Earth Trajectory: Green.

Space Tracker Harrington: Lift-off, 32.

Captain Steve Maddox: Check delta coordinates.
Lunar Module Co-pilot Stevens: Co-ordinates correct, sir. Earth orbit insertion: 2 hours 13 minutes 8 seconds, sir.
Captain Steve Maddox: Right.

Captain Steve Maddox: Contact S.H.A.D.O. HQ and Moonbase. Tell them we're going for E.O.I. in 43 minutes 29 seconds.
Co-pilot Stevens: Right, sir.

Space Tracker Harrington: 32 reports Earth Orbit Insertion at 13:08:21, sir.
Colonel Foster: Contact SID. Tracking procedure, Green. Has S.H.A.D.O. HQ been alerted?
Space Tracker Harrington: Yes, sir.
Colonel Freeman: So, everything's fine?
Colonel Foster: Straker's not going to think so... he's expecting you!

Captain Steve Maddox: Re-entry angle 6.58 degrees. E.O.I. 4 minutes, 12 seconds.

Co-pilot Stevens: Sighting, sir. At 70-35.
Captain Steve Maddox: That's in behind us! Confirm sighting.
Co-pilot Stevens: Affirmative, sir. And it's closing fast!
Captain Steve Maddox: Contact Moonbase.

Space Tracker Harrington: 32 reports unidentified sighting, sir.
Colonel Foster: Signal RED Alert!

Captain Steve Maddox: What's happening. Angle increasing.

Colonel Foster: His angle of re-entry is too steep! Tell him to correct angle of re-entry!
Space Tracker Harrington: Loss of signal, sir.

Captain Steve Maddox: Still increasing! Something's pulling us off course. We've got to correct. Pitch actuator 1 decimal 3, Burn.

Space Tracker Harrington: Earth Orbit Insertion, now.

Captain Steve Maddox: No response!

Lunar Module 32 explodes!
Timing: 16:22 - Straker's outer office
Commander Straker: Ah, Miss Ealand. Hard at it?
Miss Ealand: I'm always hard at it. Sometimes you notice! How did it go, sir?
Commander Straker: Go? You know the codeword, "Washington Square", Miss Ealand.
Miss Ealand: Not without looking it up. It's not one we use regularly.
Commander Straker: Mmm... It's one I thought we'd never use.
Miss Ealand: Well, what does it mean, sir?
Commander Straker: It means shutdown, cancel lunar flights... virtual isolation of Moonbase.
Timing: 17:07 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford: S.H.A.D.O. Control to all unit Commanders: Washington Square. I say again, Washington Square. Immediate compliance, Washington Square.

Lieutenant Barry: Colonel Foster, sorry to disturb you, sir. Code message from S.H.A.D.O.: Washington Square. I'll check it right away.
Colonel Foster: There's no need; it means 'Shutdown.'
Colonel Freeman: What!
Colonel Foster: More specifically, it involves a complete ban on all orbital flights.
Timing: 19:24 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Colonel Foster: Get me 32's electronic log.
Space Tracker Harrington: Captain Maddox's flight?
Colonel Foster: Yes.
Timing: 20:10 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Freeman enters the Moonbase Control Sphere
Colonel Freeman: What's going on here? What the devil's going on? Who's in that module?
Lieutenant Barry: Colonel Foster.
Colonel Freeman: Why didn't you tell me? Any of you?
Space Tracker Harrington: Colonel Foster's orders. On no account were we to tell you until takeoff was imminent.
Colonel Freeman: ...and irreversible.
Colonel Freeman: (using microphone) Paul, cut you motors! I said cut your motors! ...Paul, this won't help...
Colonel Foster: What won't?
Colonel Freeman: Taking out a module, if you are doing it for the reasons I think you are?
Colonel Foster: I'm going to fly the same course Maddox flew...
Colonel Freeman: Under precisely the same conditions?
Colonel Foster: Yes.
Colonel Freeman: You're crazy! What will it prove?
Colonel Foster: For one thing, Maddox wasn't responsible for the loss of his ship.
Colonel Freeman: Well, if you do make it, it won't mean much!
Colonel Foster: Depends on how I get through.
Colonel Freeman: And, if you don't?
Colonel Foster: Then, I don't!
Timing: 21:31 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford: Roger... three. Roger!
Alarm sounds!
Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson: What is it?

Colonel Foster: 29 calling, Moonbase.
Colonel Freeman: Everything under control?
Colonel Foster: So far. E.O.I. in 2 hours, 38 minutes, 22 seconds.
Colonel Freeman: Roger. Have you contacted Straker yet?
Colonel Foster: No. But I have a feeling he'll be contacting me soon.

Lieutenant Ford: Sighting at galactic latitude: 43 longitude: 14.53...
Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson: But that's Moonbase operations area!
Lieutenant Ford: Right. Call Commander Straker.

Commander Straker: You'll turn back right now!
Colonel Foster: E.O.I. in one hour precisely. I've gone too far for that.
Commander Straker: You're right, Foster! Much too far...

Colonel Foster: Module 29 to Moonbase.
Space Tracker Harrington: Go ahead, 29.
Colonel Foster: Re-entry in six minutes 9 seconds.
Space Tracker Harrington: Roger.

Colonel Foster: Moonbase.
Colonel Freeman: Receiving, 29.
Colonel Foster: E.O.I. in 4 minutes 3 seconds.
Colonel Freeman: Re-entry angle 5 decimal 73 degrees. Confirm. 29, confirm re-entry angle.

Colonel Freeman: Stay on 29.

Lieutenant Ford: 29's re-entry angle, sir...

Colonel Freeman: Paul, adjust re-entry angle. Cut back to 5. Cut back to 5, Paul. You're far too shallow. If he doesn't adjust he'll bounce off the earth's atmosphere out into space!

Commander Straker: Colonel Foster.
Colonel Foster: Foster here, I am happy to say...
Commander Straker: Congratulations. But don't let my delight at your survival, blind you to the fact that we have a few matters to discuss.
Timing: 31:35 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Space Tracker Harrington: The tracking data's been processed, sir.
Colonel Freeman: Anything?
Space Tracker Harrington: Not that we can see.
Colonel Freeman: Should have been able to pick up something?
Space Tracker Harrington: There's nothing on Colonel Foster's log except a record of manoeuvrers.
Colonel Freeman: All right. Send it down to S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters.
Timing: 31:53 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Foster: So, what do we do now?
Commander Straker: Any suggestions?
Colonel Foster: No, but we can't just sit around.
Commander Straker: I've solved quite a few problems by just sitting around, as you call it, Colonel. I suggest you try it yourself sometime...
Lieutenant Ford: Commander, the tracking report on Colonel Foster's flight has just come in from Moonbase.
Commander Straker: And...
Lieutenant Ford: Well, nothing unusual, sir.
Commander Straker: All right.
Colonel Foster: So that leaves the MB3 detector.
Commander Straker: Yes, they're processing the data now. Well, we haven't had so much luck so far, maybe we're due for a break.

Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson: The MB3 data, sir.
Commander Straker: Ah, thank you.

Commander Straker: Looks like an S.P.S. rocket (Service Propulsion System) of some sort.
Colonel Foster: Like the limpet rockets used in debris destruction.
Commander Straker: Mm... but it doesn't make sense. Why would the aliens put a device like this into earth orbit?
Colonel Foster: Could be programmed to attack Moonship flights?
Commander Straker: Blockade on Moonbase? Maybe. Why hasn't our RADAR picked it up?
Colonel Foster: Space debris... it's based in one of those burnt-out rockets over there.
Commander Straker: Well, assuming you're right... which one could it be?
Colonel Foster: Considering Maddox and I flew practically identical flight paths, it would have to be... one of these two here, or Apollo 8 here, or B47.
Commander Straker: Mmm... four possibilities. I think we're on to something!
Timing: 39:24 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Barry: Possible contact: 248-016 RED. Contact confirmed: UFO 248-136 RED.
Colonel Freeman: RED Alert. Get me S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters.

Lieutenant Barry: UFO maintaining course: 248-204 GREEN.
Commander Straker: Get the termination.
Lieutenant Ford: Request trajectory termination.
Lieutenant Barry: Predicted termination: 1F026 Southern England.
Commander Straker: Close enough. Its target is this studio. Maintain visual contact on countdown.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker: Then order a complete shut down.
Colonel Foster: Shut down!
Commander Straker: Everything: VHF, RADAR, the computers. Complete radio silence!
General Henderson: Straker!
Commander Straker: As you said, Henderson, I can still give orders. Complete shutdown, do it!
Lieutenant Ford: Termination: 8 minutes, 4 seconds.

General Henderson: Commander Straker, I'd like to talk to you in your office. You too, Colonel.

In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
General Henderson: Straker, I'm relieving you of your command, Colonel Foster will take over as of now.
Commander Straker: You can't do it, Henderson. You require the unanimous backing of the commission.
General Henderson: You think I won't get it.
Commander Straker: Yes, I think you could get it! But, it would take time.
General Henderson: And, this base is due to be attacked in a few minutes! Colonel Foster, assume command. Colonel...
Colonel Foster: I take my orders from Commander Straker.
Commander Straker: Now for the first time in your life, you're going to listen. The aliens put a satellite into Earth's orbit using a piece of space-junk to cover. Why? A blockade on Moonbase? A logical reason, but obvious... too obvious. In time, we would have located and destroyed it. So, the satellite was a decoy, a red hearing for something bigger. An attack on this headquarters. They hope the satellite would draw the Interceptors from Moonbase.
General Henderson: And you fell right into the trap!
Commander Straker: I acted as if the plan had worked, yes. It would take a UFO of great destructive power to destroy this underground base. I didn't want that hanging over our heads.
General Henderson: All this guesswork does not explain the shutdown.
Commander Straker: Well, why make it easy for them? The UFO was probably programmed onto our radio signals.
General Henderson: I don't buy it, Straker! I've just hope you've guessed wrong, because if you're right, we're about to be killed!
Commander Straker opens his office door.
Commander Straker: Still time for you to leave. All right, we all just sit here and wait.
General Henderson: For what?
Commander Straker: A voice!

Space Tracker Harrington: Moonbase to S.H.A.D.O. Control. Come in, Control. It's no use, sir. It's complete radio shutdown.
Colonel Freeman: What the hell is Straker playing at?

In S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford: Four minutes to termination.
General Henderson: Straker. If we contact the Interceptors, there may still be time.
Commander Straker: It's no good, they can't operate in the Earth's atmosphere, and the UFO's already in the stratosphere.

Lieutenant Ford: Termination, one minute twenty seconds.
General Henderson: We're sitting ducks.
Commander Straker: Maybe...

Alarm sounds
Commander Straker: Yes...
Miss Ealand: Sky One has just overflown the studio at zero feet.
Commander Straker: Thank you, Miss Ealand. Switch everything on. And, get me Captain Carlin.
Lieutenant Ford: Sir!
Commander Straker: Nice timing, Captain. Don't miss it!
Captain Carlin: Roger, Control. Sky One to Moonbase, request UFO fix and attack co-ordinates.
Space Tracker Harrington: Will relay direct to outward computer.
Colonel Freeman: Why Straker, the sly old...
Space Tracker Harrington: Fox!

Lieutenant Ford: Forty five seconds. Forty seconds... thirty-five seconds... thirty seconds...

Captain Carlin: Have visual contact, going in for attack! Sky One to S.H.A.D.O. Control: UFO destroyed!

Commander Straker: Colonel Foster, would you get this operation computerised, and we'll prepare it for the commission in my office.
General Henderson: Well, Straker, I guess I owe you an apology. You were right. You can take it the commission will recommend a complete clearance of all space junk.
Commander Straker: Thank you!
General Henderson: Of course, it will take time. The money has to be raised.
Commander Straker: Call it the Maddox fund.
General Henderson: Maddox?
Commander Straker: The pilot who was killed.
General Henderson: Oh yes, Maddox? Well...
Commander Straker: If only you hadn't been so positive that you were right!
General Henderson: Like you?
Commander Straker: Henderson... I'll walk you to your car.

UFO Episode: The Dalotek Affair

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing


Tues, 15th
July 1969


Fri, 25th
July 1969
Timing: 04:40 - Moonbase Control Sphere (#3 of 5). Space Tracker Joan Harrington walks over to Colonel Foster sitting in the Control Console.
Space Tracker Joan Harrington:
Sir, the survey.
Colonel Foster: Thank you.
Space Tracker Harrington: Is there anything else?
Colonel Foster: No, that's all.
UFO Detection Alarm signal
Lieutenant Nina Barry:
Sighting at 0125-242 (error: it should be: 0135-242)
Shown on right monitor display (C.R.T.) as (RED 0135-242).

Shown on display as (CONFIRM CONT. 2 0140-242)
Lieutenant Nina Barry: Second sighting at 0140-242.

Shown on display as (CONFIRM CONT. 3 0145-242)
Lieutenant Nina Barry: Third sighting at 0145-242.

RED 0135-242
CONFIRM CONT.2 0140-242
CONFRIM CONT.3 0145-242
5 SEC 28 IN CORR.42 DEC 8

Colonel Foster: Trajectory termination?
Lieutenant Nina Barry: Preliminary readings indicate Moonbase area.
Colonel Foster: RED alert. Interceptors to be on standby.

In S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford:
Attention all defence systems; this is a maximum security alert. Attention all defence systems; I say again, this is a maximum security alert, Condition RED!

Colonel Foster to Commander Straker via his S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone.
Colonel Foster:
Three UFO's sighted. E.T.T. trajectory termination? E.T.T. Area 140, 60 miles (96.56 km) from Moonbase.
Commander Straker: Well, there's nothing for them there! Are you quite sure?
Colonel Foster: We've checked it. We seem to be faced with a UFO attack in force on a area of bare lava rock.
Commander Straker: Look, don't try to figure them, Foster! Launch your interceptors.
Colonel Foster: Interceptors immediate launch!

Colonel Foster: Check trajectory!
Lieutenant Barry: Same coordinates, maintaining course.

Colonel Foster over the Interceptor radio channel.
Colonel Foster:
Switch to on-board Computer.
Astronaut Waterman: Roger.
Lieutenant Nina Barry: The UFO's have changed course.
Colonel Foster: Hold for further instructions. No possible error?
Lieutenant Nina Barry: They've veered off!
Colonel Foster: Where are they heading?
Lieutenant Nina Barry: According to the readings, back the way they came.
Colonel Foster to Interceptors via the radio channel: Interceptors return to base.
Timing: 07:20 - Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office.
Commander Straker:
Well, did we scare them off?
Colonel Foster: It would be the first time.
Commander Straker: So what happened?
Colonel Foster: Anybody's guess.
Commander Straker: Guess! With a hundred million dollars worth of computer equipment at your fingertips, you still have to guess!
Colonel Foster: Sometimes, yes.
Commander Straker: They didn't make a billion-mile space journey for nothing.
Colonel Foster: No, Sir.
Commander Straker: So we need answers, don't we, Colonel. Is it a decoy that failed, or a red herring that's already succeeded? And it's your job to find out!
Timing: 08:11 - Moonbase Control Sphere.
Space Tracker Harrington:
I have a sighting. It's travelling too slowly for a UFO.
Colonel Foster: Meteorite?
Space Tracker Harrington: Looks like it. After checking her control panel and display: Definitely a meteorite, with an E.T.T. in Area 017-213.
Colonel Foster (to Lt. Barry): Get me Commander Straker.
Lieutenant Nina Barry: Yes, Sir.
Commander Straker is visible via the Central Contol Console TV display
Commander Straker:
Colonel Foster: We're tracking a meteorite.
Commander Straker: A what?
Colonel Foster: A meteorite?
Commander Straker: You videoed to tell me that!
Colonel Foster: It's E.T.T. is almost directly on top of the Dalotek installation.
Commander Straker: Can you contact them?
Colonel Foster: There's the radio link.
Commander Straker: All right, warn them.
Colonel Foster: Roger.
Commander Straker: Oh, and one for thing, Colonel. If you have to bring any of them back to the base, use the Amnesia Procedure.
Colonel Foster: Right.

Colonel Foster to Lt. Barry: Contact the Dalotek Unit.
Colonel Foster to Space Tracker Harrington: How long to impact?
Space Tracker Harrington: Approximately three minutes.

Timing: 09:08 - Inside the Dalotek installation, order the radio system.
Lieutenant Barry:
This is Moonbase calling Dalotek Unit. Come in, Dalotek. Moonbase calling Dalotek Unit. Come in, Dalotek.

Timing: 09:20 - Out on the lunar surface the Dalotek team have just exploded a couple of explosive devices to measure the surface density.
Dalotek: Jane Carson:
The recorders are all in-circuit.
Dalotek: Mark Tanner: RIght. We'll gather all the substrata material we can. There is a link with the Geo-scanner (Ground Penetrating Radar), okay. Good!

Mark Tanner looks up and see's an incoming meteorite.
Dalotek: Tanner:
Get down!

Mark Tanner see's the incoming meteorite just above the horizon, then the 'meteorite' crashes into the lunar surface.
Dalotek: Tanner:
Let's take a look.
Timing: 10:10 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office.
Commander Straker:
I've told Foster to keep Moonbase on GREEN Alert for the next few days.
Colonel Freeman: Hey, maybe they were after the Dalotek installation.
Commander Straker: Oh, don't talk to me about Dalotek! I've been avoiding their president all morning...
Colonel Freeman: What have you got against them, anyway?
Commander Straker: They shouldn't be allowed up there anyway, Alec! A private corporation has no business on the Moon. Besides, all the valuable mineral deposits were taken away long ago. No... Dalotek is just wasting time and money!
Colonel Freeman: That's their problem!
Commander Straker: Now it's our problem, Alec.
Timing: 10:41 - The Dalotek team (Mark Tanner, Jane Carson and Phil Mitchell) arrive at the meteorite impact area.
Dalotek: Tanner:
Statistically, that was a fifty-thousand to one shot.
Dalotek: Mitchell: Yeah, a meteorite that size would be.
Dalotek: Carson: I suppose if we've finished this sessions, we'd better go back and check the base. A piece of debris could have punctured the outside pressure skin.
Timing: 11:10 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office. The S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone buzzes twice.
Commander Straker:
Dalotek: James Blake: You're a difficult man to contact, Commander!
Commander Straker: It's in the nature of the job.
Dalotek: Blake: Four security re-routings? My name if Blake.
Commander Straker: Yes! The President of the Dalotek Corporation.
Dalotek: Blake: I simply wanted to establish contact, Commander. Thank you for your help in preparing our Moon Project.
Commander Straker: Let's get one thing straight Mr. Blake! Your Moon Project was approved despite my overwhelming objections. If there's any trouble, any trouble whatsoever, I shall demand its immediate withdrawal.
Dalotek: Blake: My team will be on the Moon for a period of, er, ten days. What can happen in that time?
Commander Straker: My command has a complex and hazardous mission. The presence of civilians in the area could easily jeopardise our security operations, as well as our normal procedures.
Dalotek: Blake: ...and my team will use limited radio frequencies, they'll take every precaution to avoid your installations. In fact, they've been thoroughly briefed.
Commander Straker: Then, they'll be briefed again, Mr Blake!
Dalotek: Blake: Oh, whatever you wish, Commander. I'm quite sure they'll be very little contact with your base, unless er...
Commander Straker: Unless, what?
Dalotek: James: In the case of an emergency? You did agree...
Commander Straker: To render all possible assistance. Yes!
Timing: 12:25 - At the Dalotek base, the Dalotek team re-enter their base and check the air-pressure.
Dalotek: Mitchell:
Pressure normal on one.
Dalotek: Carson: Pressure normal on two.
Lieutenant Barry in the Moonbase Control Sphere comes in over the radio
Lieutenant Barry:
Come in, Dalotek. Come in Dalotek.
Dalotek: Mitchell: Our friendly neighbours, the military!

Dalotek: Mitchell: Dalotek survey base?
Lieutenant Barry: Colonel Foster for you...
Colonel Foster: This is Colonel Foster. We monitored a meteorite in your area.
Dalotek: Mitchell: We saw it land. Quite large, approximately 900 kgs (1984.16 lbs), stood about 200 yards (182.88 metres) from our installation.
Colonel Foster: Yes, that agrees with our coordinates. Have you checked the pressure skin for puncture?
Dalotek: Mitchell: Yes, Colonel. Thanks for calling... out!

Timing: 13:37 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office, Straker is talking with Colonel Foster via his S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone.
Commander Straker:
I'm afraid you have those Dalotek people on your backdoor for the next ten days or so, Colonel.
Colonel Foster: We've had no trouble.
Commander Straker: Just the same, I want you to go over there and make sure they're following the agreed procedure. But, don't make it too easy for them...
The communications link suddenly breaks, the screen and sound channel fail and communications is lost.
Colonel Foster:
What's happened? What's going on? Loss of signal! Run equipment check!

Commander Straker: Break down of Moonbase video link!
Commander Straker goes into SHADO Control to up to Lieutenant Ford.
Commander Straker:
Switch in the emergency link!
Lieutenant Ford: Emergency link negative, sir.
Timing: 14:14 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere
Doctor Reed:
I can assure you, Colonel, solar activity is minimal.
Colonel Foster: You're sure? What else can it be?
Doctor Reed: A fault in the equipment?
Colonel Foster: The checks say no... Look, run a new test series. The solar wind has disrupted communications more than once.
Doctor Reed: It's not responsible this time.
Colonel Foster: Just run the test!
Timing: 14:36 - In the Dalotek base.
Dalotek: Tanner:
Anything promising?
Dalotek: Carson: No, not yet!
Timing: 14:53 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere.
Doctor Reed:
Give me seven...
Lieutenant Barry: Seven it is!
Doctor Reed: Nine.
Lieutenant Barry: Nine.
Doctor Reed: Infrared
Lieutenant Barry: Infrared
Doctor Reed: Right... feed out! Thank you.
Reed hands Colonel Foster the printouts of the solar activity scans.
Colonel Foster:
The corona would be symmetrical if there were an increase in the number of sunspots.
Doctor Reed: Exactly. No unusual solar activity.
Colonel Foster: But it all fitted!
Doctor Reed: Have you considered the possibility of outside interference?
Colonel Foster: Go on.
Doctor Reed: It's just an idea?
Colonel Foster: Dalotek! They're operating on limited frequencies. They could be violating the agreement.
Doctor Reed: Is there a way to check?
Colonel Foster: Just one!
Timing: 15:44 - In the Dalotek base.
Dalotek: Carson:
Well, that completes this run.

Dalotek: Mitchell: Uh... um...
Dalotek: Tanner: Why else should we receive a visit from the military?
Timing: 16:00 - The Moonmobile approaches the Dalotek installation. Once arrived, Colonel Foster makes his way into the Dalotek base.
Inside the Dalotek installation
Dalotek: Carson:
We're operating well within the prescribed frequencies, Colonel...
Colonel Foster: We'll check that, Miss Carson.
Dalotek: Tanner: Colonel, we're open to check at anytime. But, to switch off the geoscanner means a complete write-off for all our work. We'd have to be persuaded there was adequate reason for so drastic a step.
Colonel Foster: More than adequate reason, Mr Tanner. Our base radio lost total contact with Earth, half an hour ago.
Dalotek: Carson: Well, an immediate possibility could be increased solar activity?
Colonel Foster: The solar wind? The coronagraph check shows negative.
Dalotek: Mitchell: How about a simple radio fault? Do you um... check your fuses, Colonel?
Colonel Foster: We've checked everything!
Dalotek: Tanner: And now, you want to check us?
Colonel Foster: Can you think of a more logical step?
Timing: 17:12 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office, Commander Straker attempts to contact Moonbase via his S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone.
Commander Straker:
Run another communication check on Moonbase, will you, Alec?
Colonel Freeman: You ordered a continuous check thirty minutes ago.
Commander Straker: Yes, yes...
Colonel Freeman: Why don't you get some sleep?
Commander Straker: I will! But not until that video link is back!
Timing: 17:35 - Inside the Dalotek installation, Colonel Foster is checking their equipment.
Dalotek: Tanner:
Well, you examined the frequency settings, Colonel. I think they've proved that we've followed the agreement to the letter!
Colonel Foster: It proves that you had the intention of working on limited frequencies. But, you could have used them inadvertently.
Dalotek: Tanner: Miss Carson is in charge of the geo-scanner. She's very experienced.
Colonel Foster: I can imagine.
Dalotek: Carson: Colonel... exactly how many radio failures have you had?
Colonel Foster: One, so far.
Dalotek: Carson: That doesn't seem too serious?
Colonel Foster: For a military organisation, it could be catastrophic!
Dalotek: Carson: And, you are absolutely convinced that we're to blame?
Colonel Foster: It seemed the logical conclusion.
Dalotek: Tanner: Well, I'm glad we've been able to change your mind.
Colonel Foster: So am I. Except now it means I am back at square one!
Dalotek: Tanner: Well, you'll have to excuse me, Colonel. I have the seismic meters to service. I'll leave you in Miss Carson's capable hands, if you have any questions, please ask her. Au revoir, Colonel.
Colonel Foster: Miss Carson, I er...
Dalotek: Carson: Jane! Up here, formalities are a little superfluous.
Colonel Foster: Paul.
Dalotek: Carson: All right, Paul. I have the impression you're not still a hundred percent certain that we're not the source of your difficulties? And I can see I'm right! And, I suppose next time there's a radio blackout, we're going to get the blame.
Colonel Foster: No. But, it means I shall want to make an immediate check on the use of the scanner.
Dalotek: Carson: But, a complete radio failure, how can you? We're fifty kilometres away?
Colonel Foster: We'll install a landline between here and Moonbase... that way, we'll always have a direct link!
Dalotek: Carson: And...
Colonel Foster: The geoscanner is the only piece of equipment you have powerful enough to disrupt communications. If there's another blackout and the geoscanner isn't transmitting...
Dalotek: Carson: ...we're in the clear?
Colonel Foster: Yes!
Dalotek: Carson: But, you'll have to take our word for it that we're not transmitting!
Colonel Foster: I'll take your word for it.
Dalotek: Carson: Honestly, I don't think we're to blame, Paul. I've been very careful, so have Mark and Phil.
Colonel Foster: Well, we'll install the landline immediately!
Dalotek: Carson: I'll wait for your first call.
Dalotek: Mitchell enters the room.
Colonel Foster: Well, I must go.
Dalotek: Mitchell: Have you seen all you want?
Colonel Foster: Yeah, I've seen about everything.
Dalotek: Mitchell: Then, are you satisfied?
Colonel Foster: Very!
Timing: 20:05 - Lieutenant Ford is seated at his communications desk in S.H.A.D.O. Control.
Lieutenant Ford:
S.H.A.D.O. Control to Moonbase, do you read me? S.H.A.D.O. Control to Moonbase...
Space Tracker Harrington's image comes on-screen
Space Tracker Harrington:
Reading you! Strength five... voice and vision.
Lieutenant Ford: Immediate for Commander Straker, Moonbase contact re-established!
Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson: Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Ford: Standby for video circuit tests!
Timing: 22:34 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster is communicating with the incoming Lunar Module.
Colonel Foster:
Control to Lunar Module. Switch to computer control for landing.

Lunar Module Pilot: Roger.
On the Lunar Module Computer display: Range 7000 N.M., Orbital Speed SOL 0, O.E.C. I - 5N3 - 50 0 N84

Colonel Foster: Landing is go.

Lunar Module Pilot: Thank you, Control.
There is another audio/visual communications blackout

Colonel Foster: Do we still have them?
Space Tracker Harrington: I'm losing them, Radio malfunction.
Colonel Foster: Control to Module, switch to manual. Control to Module...

Lunar Module Pilot: This is Lunar Module. I have lost you, maintaining computer control for landing.

Colonel Foster: Switch to manual. We have radio blackout.

Lunar Module Pilot: This is Lunar Module. I repeat, Lunar Module. I have lost you, maintaining control for computer landing.

Colonel Foster: Complete computer shutdown.

Lunar Module Pilot: This is Lunar Module. This is Lunar Module! This is Lunar Module... switching back to manual control!

Lieutenant Barry: He must have switched to manual, but, I think it's too late!

The Lunar Module fires its main engine, but it's too late, and the Lunar Module veers right of Moonbase as it starts to climb away, but it's too low and crashes and explodes into the lunar surface.
Colonel Foster:
Get a rescue team out there!

Colonel Foster picks up a phone to contact the Dalotek team.
Dalotek: Carson:
Dalotek base. Yes, Paul. But, everything was turned off except the geoscanner, and that wasn't transmitting. I see...
Dalotek: Tanner: What's wrong?
Dalotek: Carson: Colonel Foster's coming straight over. There's been an accident at the military base... Moonship! The radio blacked out, and all the crew were killed.

Colonel Foster: I say you're responsible.
Dalotek: Tanner: I understand how you feel, Colonel. But, you're wrong.
Colonel Foster: I made the mistake of believing that last time.
Dalotek: Tanner: And, what do you intend to do about it?
Colonel Foster: End your operation!
Dalotek: Carson: But you can't mean that!
Dalotek: Mitchell: Look, who do you think you are? You don't have the authority!
Colonel Foster: I do mean it, and I do have the authority!
Dalotek: Carson: But, the project's almost completed!
Colonel Foster: I have no alternative, I'm sorry...
Colonel Foster instructs his two Moonbase engineers: Remove the circuits!
Dalotek: Mitchell: Don't touch the equipment, this is private property!
Dalotek: Tanner: Phil! Colonel... I can't allow this, those circuits are irreplaceable.
Colonel Foster: Exactly!
Dalotek: Tanner: I'd like to speak to your Commanding officer.
Colonel Foster: There isn't the time, and it wouldn't matter anyway. The circuits come out!
Colonel Foster instructs his two Moonbase engineers: Put them (Geoscanner controller equipment) in the Moonmobile.
Dalotek: Mitchell: You haven't heard the last of this.
Colonel Foster: Maybe. But we've heard the last of that!

Dalotek: Mitchell: So, what do we do now?
Dalotek: Carson: What can we do?
Dalotek: Tanner: Carry on the best we can until we receive further instructions from Blake. In the meantime, we can go out and collect our equipment from the surface.
Dalotek: Mitchell: Fine.
Dalotek: Tanner: Phil... you take the area we worked on yesterday. Jane, you go with him, and I'll do the section by the new crater. Okay!
Timing: 28:16 - Dalotek team leader Mark Tanner is out on the lunar surface, close to the new crater. He is just checking over the new crater, and then slowly turns away. As he does so, he quickly turns back and notices the device. He reaches for his camera and takes a shot of it.
Timing: 28:46 - In the Dalotek installation, they look at a photo of the device seen in the new crater.
Dalotek: Carson:
What is it?
Dalotek: Tanner: I'm not sure that matters. The point is, did we damage it with our blasting?
Dalotek: Mitchell: Was it damaged by the meteorite?
Dalotek: Carson: How did it get into the crater?
Dalotek: Mitchell: Foster installed it!
Dalotek: Carson: When? The crater's only been there for a few days.
Dalotek: Tanner: Now this is getting us nowhere. We've got to decide what to do about it.
Dalotek: Mitchell: Shall we go outside and take a closer look?
Dalotek: Tanner: Good idea!
Timing: 29:16 - Commander Straker is taking a video call from Dalotek's President: James Blake regarding the current status of Dalotek and the shutdown and disconnection of their Geo-scanner.
Commander Straker:
The decision was taken by the Commander on the spot; I support that decision.
Dalotek: James Blake: The Astro-Physical Commission may have other ideas after I've finished talking to them.
Commander Straker: Well, that's your prerogative, Mr Blake. Meanwhile, Dalotek does what it's told!
Dalotek: James Blake: You'll be hearing from me.
Timing: 29:32 - A UFO is fast approaching.
Sighting: 4028. Confirm speed: 0 SOL 8.

Lieutenant Barry: I've got it!
Colonel Foster: RED Alert! Interceptors immediate launch!

Colonel Foster to Commander Straker via the S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone: We've picked up a UFO!
Commander Straker: Give me the trajectory co-ordinates.

Immediately, the Commander's S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone shows a communications breakdown. Colonel Foster see's the breakdown from the Moonbase Central Control Console as well.

Colonel Foster: Another black-out. Try and reset! Anything?
Lieutenant Barry: Nothing!

Commander Straker quickly heads into S.H.A.D.O. Control from his office
Commander Straker:
What the blazes is going on?
Lieutenant Ford: We've lost them again, sir!
Commander Straker: ...and the emergency link?
Lieutenant Ford: Tried it!
Commander Straker: Keep trying!
Lieutenant Ford: Sir! S.H.A.D.O. Control to Moonbase. Do you read me? Nothing, sir.
Timing: 31:22 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster talks with Doctor Reed.
Colonel Foster:
Reed, we must get that tracker working.
Doctor Red: I'll do my best, if I can find the source of the trouble.
SID: UFO maintaining course. Interceptors... radio cuts off. Range: 20 million miles. Awaiting missing timing and attack data...
Timing: 32:00 - In S.H.A.D.O. Control, Lieutenant Ford shakes his head to Commander Straker as he confirms that communications is still down.

Commander Straker: Lieutenant Ford, will you come into the office?

Commander Straker: That library material we were running through the other day, is it still set up?
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker: Good. There's something in the back of my mind about one of those interviews you did back in 1969. Something that won't quite click into place.
Lieutenant Ford: Which one was it, sir?
Commander Straker: I think it was the one with Doctor Stranges.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes. But, there was nothing in that one about radio blackouts, I can assure you, sir.
Commander Straker: Maybe. But, there's something. Re-run it.
Lieutenant Ford uses the SHADO Video Phone to talk with a member of SHADO Control
Lieutenant Ford:
Run the video please of the interview with Doctor Stranges. Channel it into Commander Straker's office.
S.H.A.D.O. Operative: Yes, sir.
Timing: 34:35 - The Dalotek are looking into the new crater at the Alien device.
Dalotek: Tanner:
Let's go back.
Timing: 34:52 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster is trying to contact Dalotek.
Colonel Foster:
Where are they?
Lieutenant Barry: They must be working outside.
Timing: 35:04 - The Dalotek team re-enter their base. The phone linked to Moonbase is ringing.
Dalotek: Carson:
Dalotek! Another radio failure.
Colonel Foster: Yes! Both our bases are in imminent danger. Give me Tanner!
Dalotek: Carson: Colonel Foster.
Dalotek: Tanner: Hello, Colonel. We were just about to call you. You know that installation of yours in that new crater?
Colonel Foster: What installation? Crater 236. Well, if there's an installation there, Tanner... it doesn't belong to us!
Timing: 36:00 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster questions Space Tracker Harrington
Colonel Foster:
Estimated range?
Space Tracker Harrington: Approximately, two decimal two. Five minutes from the last known trajectory termination.
Colonel Foster: Estimated target proximity of Moonmobile?
Space Tracker Harrington: One minute fifty.
Timing: 36:30 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office, Commander Straker is mulling over Ford's interview with Doctor Stranges
Lieutenant Ford:
I really don't think there's anything, sir. We checked all this library material pretty carefully.
Commander Straker: Well, it was just a hunch. Hold it!
Lieutenant Ford: Stop the tape!
Commander Straker: Run back a few feet.
Lieutenant Ford: Go back, ten feet.
Commander Straker: Fireballs! What's another word for fireballs, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ford: Er... thunderbolt.
Commander Straker: Or...
Lieutenant Ford: A meteorite!
Commander Straker: Crater 236.
Timing: 37:20 - The Moonmobile is fast heading for crater 236
Moonmobile Captain:
Still no radio contact?
Moonmobile Co-pilot: No.
Moonmobile Captain: E.T.A. Crater 236, one minute five.

SID: Range, 10 million miles.

Timing: 37:38 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office, Commander Straker is with Lieutenant Ford
Commander Straker:
The position is becoming only too clear, Lieutenant. Just as we hear that Moonbase is under attack from a UFO, radio contact is lost. Something is jamming the signal. I believe the cause is some sort of alien device in... Crater 236. It was sent in using an orbit that would make us think it was a meteorite.

SID: Range, 5 million miles. Bearing positive.
Timing: 38:12 - The Moonmobile is fast heading for crater 236
Moonmobile Co-pilot:
Do we go on with our confirmation?
Moonmobile Captain: Our orders are to go straight in and destroy the installation.
Moonmobile Co-pilot: What about the Dalotek base, it's pretty close by?
Moonmobile Captain: I assume Colonel Foster's thought of that!
Timing: 38:32 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster picks up the landline phone to contact Dalotek.
Colonel Foster:
Tanner? Ninety seconds... no time for details, but I'm confirming we're going to detonate in Crater 236. Be prepared for an explosive decompression. Good luck!

Dalotek: Tanner: All right! Get your helmets on.
Dalotek: Mitchell: I still say Foster's up to something.
Dalotek: Tanner: We've got no choice. Come on, Phil!

In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster is very concerned about the timing

Astronaut Lew Waterman: Interceptor Leader to Moonbase. Come in, Moonbase.

SID: The Interceptors are in position. Awaiting timing and attack data.
Timing: 39:33 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, Colonel Foster waits for an update beside the Central Control Console
Lieutenant Barry:
Predict Interceptors will be in range in about 40 seconds.
Colonel Foster: If they haven't altered course. Estimated proximity of Moonmobile?
Lieutenant Barry: They should be on target just about now, sir.
Colonel Foster: They better be...
Timing: 40:08 - The Moonmobile appears just above the edge of Crater 236, then makes a landing on the surface
Moonmobile Captain:
Okay, range on target.
Moonmobile Co-pilot: Range on target.

The Dalotek team brace themselves inside their installation
Timing: 40:33 - The Moonmobile is in line of site of the Alien device. The co-pilot presses his control to fire at the device in the crater
Timing: 40:38 - The Alien device explodes in the centre of the crater
The detonation causes damage to the close by Dalotek installation, and it causes a huge decompression inside the Dalotek base
Timing: 41:06 - In the Moonbase Control Sphere, communications is restored: On Lieutenant Barry's right-hand display, it reads:
T.T. 60-27 R 0145-242 G
O.G. 903 W.S. 53 ► 60
E.R. 17-10 6
E.O. 11 SH 8104 IN 4 SECS
RED 40 Z 0-242 MG

Lieutenant Barry: It's coming through... Contact A-O.K., Trajectory 839-274.
Colonel Foster: Moonbase to Interceptors, switch to computer link for course correction and missile firing sequence.
Timing: 41:18 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office, Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone buzzed twice
Commander Straker:
Lieutenant Ford: We've re-established contact with Moonbase, sir.
Commander Straker: Right!

Commander Straker: Colonel Foster, what's the position?
Colonel Foster: There was an alien device near the Dalotek base.
Commander Straker: Yes, we assumed as much.
Colonel Foster: Well, we have the UFO on positive track. The er... Interceptors are going into attack.

The three Interceptors ready for attack

The UFO sweeps in from outer space
Timing: 41:48 - In Moonbase Control, Space Tracker Harrington announces:
Space Tracker Harrington:
Missile launch, minus eight decimal five.
The three Interceptors launch their missiles, the first two miss, the third one hits its target
Colonel Foster:
Well done, Captain. Return to base.
Timing: 42:14 - In Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office, Commander Straker is in touch with Colonel Foster
Commander Straker:
And how are the Dalotek personnel?
Colonel Foster: Well, they were shaken up a bit at first, but they're fine now. The Moonmobile is bringing them back to Moonbase.
Commander Straker: Right! You'll have to use the amnesia procedure.
Colonel Foster: I'll take care of it. Out!
Timing: 42:38 - In Moonbase Control, Dalotek's Mark Tanner is in wonder at seeing the level of equipment in Moonbase Central Control
Dalotek: Tanner:
All this! I see now why Commander Straker was so reluctant to have us up here. I'd like to say, Colonel... that your position, everything you've told me, is a safe secret with me.
Colonel Foster: Have the amnesia shots been laid on for the Dalotek team?
Doctor Frazer: We're going to administer them just before takeoff, Colonel.
Colonel Foster: Well, I think I'll get some rest. See you later!
Timing: 43:10 - In the Moonbase Leisure Sphere, Jane Carson is pouring some coffee. Colonel Foster enters the sphere.
Dalotek: Carson:
Hello, Paul... I wondered why they bought two coffee cups!
Colonel Foster: How do you feel?
Dalotek: Carson: Fine.
Colonel Foster: Can I get you anything?
Dalotek: Carson: No. Paul, I wanted to apologise.
Colonel Foster: For what?
Dalotek: Carson: All the trouble we caused you, losing that Lunar Module.
Colonel Foster: Come and sit down. Look, it wasn't your fault.
Dalotek: Carson: There wasn't anything we could have done...
Colonel Foster: It would have happened anyway... it was inevitable.
Dalotek: Carson: We never did eat that fettucini...
Colonel Foster: We will... but when you've forgotten about this!
Dalotek: Carson: Forgotten?
Colonel Foster: The amnesia shots. But, there's nothing to worry about...
Timing: 44:31 - One of the Moonbase medical team inject Miss Carson in her left arm with the amnesia drug. Colonel Foster watches her as she slowly drifts off to sleep.

UFO Episode: A Question of Priorities

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Mon, 28th
July 1969

Thurs, 7th
Aug 1969
Timing: 03:21 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
nidentified Flying Objects. Bearing 012-480.
Lieutenant Ford: Still maintaining course.
Colonel Freeman: Termination?
Lieutenant Ford: Should be through any second.
Colonel Freeman: What happened to the Interceptors?
Lieutenant Ford: They didn't make contact.
Colonel Freeman: They what?
Lieutenant Ford: They're coming in too fast.
Timing: 05:03 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Ellis: Moonbase to S.H.A.D.O. Control. Speed S.O.L. 1 decimal 4.
Colonel Freeman: S.O.L. 1 decimal 4. That's crazy!
Lieutenant Ford: They're changing course. Correction... one maintaining flight path, the second, new course 042-183?
Colonel Freeman: I don't get it? One's veered off, the others coming in so fast, it can't possibly land.
Timing: 11:38 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford: Termination coming through...
S.H.A.D.O. Operative: Ireland, west coast.

Lieutenant Ford: It's still coming in too fast!
S.H.A.D.O. Operative: Range: 7 million.
Timing: 11:52 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Barry: Confirmed: 1 decimal 4.

Lieutenant Ellis: Moonbase to S.H.A.D.O. Control. We still have the UFO on positive track. Confirm speed: S.O.L. 1 decimal 4.
Timing: 12:15 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Freeman: He must slow soon.
S.H.A.D.O. Operative: Seventy-five thousand. Reducing speed.
Colonel Freeman: Alert ground RADAR!
Lieutenant Ford: All RADAR stations, areas B142 and 144, RED Alert!
Timing: 12:45 - Sky One
Captain Carlin: Sky One, airborne. Proceeding to search area. E.T.A. 21 minutes.
Timing: 15:47 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford: Four thousand, eight hundred miles from impact.
Colonel Freeman: Speed?
Lieutenant Ford: Twenty-four thousand knots.
Colonel Freeman: He'll never make it!

Lieutenant Ford: We have it on ground RADAR.
Timing: 16:32 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford: Impact confirmed!
Colonel Freeman: Do we have a grid reference?
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir. I.G.R. Area B142.08. Just off the West Coast of Ireland.
Colonel Freeman: Tell Captain Carlin to overfly the area.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Timing: 17:08 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Freeman: Crazy, coming in at that speed!
Lieutenant Ford: Could it have been damaged?
Colonel Freeman: I don't see how? The Interceptors didn't get anywhere near it.
Lieutenant Ford: The aliens don't usually make that kind of mistake.
Colonel Freeman: No... at least it shows they're fallible.
Timing: 17:58 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Freeman: Keep in contact with Carlin, though I doubt if he'll be able to tell us very much.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Commander Straker: What's the situation, Alec?
Colonel Freeman: Two UFO's. One veered off ten million miles away, the other one crashed... Western Ireland. Its entry speed was too high.
Commander Straker: Right.
Colonel Freeman: Sky One is on its way now to look for wreckage, but I don't suppose there'll be much left to see.
Commander Straker: Fine.
Timing: 18:43 - Commander Straker's office
Colonel Freeman: Is everything all right?
Commander Straker: Is it ever?
Timing: 19:13 - Commander Straker's office
Commander Straker to Lt. Ford via S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone
Commander Straker: Tell the transporter at the S.H.A.D.O. Base New York to standby for immediate take-off.
Lieutenant Ford: It wasn't due to leave for another seven hours, sir.
Commander Straker: I believe I said, immediate take-off!
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir!

Commander Straker calls Miss Ealand on his orange cordless desk phone
Commander Straker: Er, no calls, Miss Ealand. And, would you get me: 012 414, please.

Commander Straker's orange cordless desk phone rings:
Commander Straker: Intensive care unit, please. Hello, I am inquiring about a patient, a young boy... John Straker. Well, there must be! John Rutland... yes, he could be under that name. No change? Thank you...
Timing: 21:21 - Captain Carlin in Sky One
Captain Carlin: Sky One to SkyDiver Control. It crashed about 100 yards (91.44 metres) offshore.
SkyDiver Control: Right, sir.
Captain Carlin: I am going round once more before the light fades.
Timing: 24:08 - Commander Straker's office
Commander Straker to Lt. Ford via S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone
Commander Straker: Where's that transporter?
Lieutenant Ford: Just taken off, sir. E.T.A. London, twenty-three thirty hours.
Commander Straker: Fine. And, I want a car, and an escort at the airport to meet it.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.

Colonel Freeman enters Commander Straker's office
Colonel Freeman: Great steak! Medium rare, side order of salad...
Commander Straker: Sounds very appetising...
Colonel Freeman: Yeah, it was. Certainly was. Look, it's pretty quiet here... there's... nothing you can do. Why don't you go home?
Commander Straker: What home?
Timing: 25:56 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Freeman: What's the position, Peter?
Captain Carlin: Sky One has re-docked. SkyDiver now proceeding to crash area. E.T.A. fifteen minutes.
Colonel Freeman: Right. Contact us the moment you have anything...
Captain Carlin: Roger, control.

Colonel Freeman: I still can't figure out why it came in so fast!
Commander Straker: To avoid the Moonbase Interceptors!
Colonel Freeman: Yeah, it's possible. The moment it passed Moonbase, it had plenty of time to decelerate...

Commander Straker looking at the right-hand wall-mounted RADAR screen
Commander Straker: Is that the transporter?
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir. Twenty-three thirty hours confirmed its E.T.A.
Commander Straker: Have my car outside in thirty minutes. I am going home.
Lieutenant Ford: Right, sir. Oh, Alec... maybe that UFO tried to decelerate, but couldn't... because it had been hit.
Colonel Freeman: The Interceptors were way off. What else could have caused it?
Commander Straker: The second UFO! The one that veered off...
Colonel Freeman: Tell Captain Carlin to keep a look-out for any wreckage with signs of damage not consistent with the crash.
Lieutenant Ford: Right, sir.
Timing: 29:06 - SkyDiver Control
The UFO wreckage is displayed on the TV display
SkyDiver Engineer: That could be it? About 50 yards (45.72 meters) ahead, a couple of degrees to port.
Captain Carlin: Stop engines. I'll go and take a look. Release a marker buoy and inform Control.
SkyDiver Navigator: Yes, sir.
Timing: 30:33 - Commander Straker's office
Colonel Freeman: I want you to hear something... it's important!

Colonel Freeman presses #2 key on the S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone
Colonel Freeman: Play it back.
S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone: "Why don't you go away? Why don't you leave my house?"
Colonel Freeman: It cut in about three minutes ago on our waveband.
Commander Straker: Cut in?
Colonel Freeman: Clear as a bell. Estimated signal strength, 1500 megawatts! (1.5e+9 watts).
Commander Straker: Well, that's as powerful as a medium-size commercial transmitter. Do we have any bearings?
Colonel Freeman: Uh huh! Ireland! The West Coast!