UFO EpisodeS: timings, acronyms and technical dialogueS: #1~4

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogues from UFO Episodes 1 to 4:
(Identified, Computer Affair, Flight Path
and Survival).

Last updated: 5th of October, 2021

UFO Episode timings, technical phrasing and abbreviations (acronyms)

These are terms/acronyms used in all 26 episodes of UFO.

S.S.T. = SuperSonic Transport (#01 @ 11:32)

S.O.L. = Speed Of Light (#01 @ 23:32)

E.E.T. = Earth Elapse Time (#01 @ 13:40)

C.E.O. = Clear for Earth Orbit (#02 @ 01:40)

E.T.A. = Estimated Time of Arrival (#05 @ 06.52)

V.A.C. = Ventura Aircraft Corporation (#05 @ xx.xx)

T.E.T. = Trans-Earth Trajectory (#06 @ xx:xx)

E.O.I. = Earth Orbit Insertion (#06 @ xx:xx)

S.P.S. = Service Propulsion System (#06 @ 31:53)

M.S.A. = Maximum Security Alert (#07 @ 05:21)
E.T.T. = Estimated Trajectory Termination (#07 @ 07.40)
I.G.R. = Ireland Ground RADAR (#08 @ 16:37)
I.G.R. = Inertial Grid Reference (#13 @ 01:34)
L.L.S. = Lunar Landing System (#13 @ 20:58)
A-O.K. = All OK. A-OK is a way of amplifying the term "OK" that everything is perfect.
D.S.P. = Deep Space Probe (#23 @ 05:56)
E.S.P. = Extrasensory Perception (#15 @ 36:14)
U.F.O. = Unidentified Flying Object

UFO Episode: Identified

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Mon, 28th
April 1969

Mon, 12th
May 1969
Timing: 07:16 - Ed Straker's outer office
Miss Ealand:
Good morning.
Ed Straker: Miss Ealand.
Miss Ealand: The report.
Ed Straker: Thank you. Messages?
Miss Ealand: Information: Q21: Answer negative. Q46: Satellite effective. Q97: Zero, zero. The computer readout is available from today.
Ed Straker: Have them put through to me, will you?
Miss Ealand: Yes, sir.
Timing: 08:27 - Commander Straker's inner office/secure lift
Alec Freeman (to voiceprint identification box): But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the Sun.
Voiceprint box: Voiceprint positive identification 97. Freeman, Alec E.
Timing: 09:56 - Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Commander Straker: I won't keep you a moment, Alec.
Colonel Freeman: Trouble?
Commander Straker: Why else would I send for you? Take a look at this.
Colonel Freeman: That's Westbrook Electronics, isn't it?
Commander Ed Straker: Yeah! What's left of it!
Colonel Freeman: Well, what happened?
Commander Ed Straker: For ten years, there have been setbacks. We've had accidents, miscalculations, errors of judgement, and other mishaps. Let's put Westbrook Electronics down to other mishaps.
Colonel Freeman: You mean a UFO?
Commander Ed Straker: Well, there's no proof.
Colonel Freeman: So, bang goes the Utronic Project! Just when we really thought we had something to track them down.
Commander Straker: Now, don't panic, Alec! The Utronic Equipment is safe. It wasn't in the building, intact, fully tested and ready for shipment. The breakthrough! S.H.A.D.O. have had Moonbase and the other satellites operational for the last few months. There have been a few UFO sightings, but no interceptions. We've got the teeth, soon we'll have the eyes. Now, Freeman, you know how important this is to our whole organisation. Now the Utronic design team and equipment are ready to be picked up in Los Angeles and flown here to England. Now, I am making you responsible for the security of the entire operation: I mean you: personally!
Colonel Freeman: Right!
Timing: 11:30 - Seagull X-Ray
Seagull X-Ray Co-Pilot (Bill Johnson): Well, it must be quite a while since you've landed an S.S.T.?
Colonel Freeman: Just let's just say it's part of the personal service. S.H.A.D.O. Control, this is Seagull X-Ray. Confirm arrival at Stevenson Base, Los Angeles: 08:35. Takeoff scheduled: 11:00 hours.
Lieutenant Ford: Roger, Seagull X-Ray.
Commander Straker: Call Moonbase, will you?
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir.
Timing: 12:34 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Ellis:
Status check. Target?
Moonbase Control technician: Affirmative.
Lieutenant Ellis: Magnetic field?
Moonbase Control technician: Check.
Lieutenant Ellis: Saturation density?
Lieutenant Barry: Green.
Lieutenant Ellis: Resonator?
Lieutenant Barry: Affirmative.
Lieutenant Ellis: Code?
Space Tracker Harrington: Okay.
Lieutenant Ellis: Displacements?
Space Tracker Harrington: Go.
Lieutenant Ellis: Filters?
Space Tracker Harrington: Check.
Lieutenant Ellis: Fluctuations.
Space Tracker Harrington: Affirmative.

Communications buzzer:
Lieutenant Ellis:
Space Tracker Harrington: Excuse me... right! S.H.A.D.O. Control for you, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Ellis: Right!

Lieutenant Ellis opens a video communications channel on the Central Control Console with Commander Ed Straker.
Lieutenant Ellis:
Lieutenant Ellis...
Commander Straker: Good morning, Gay. I think I might have some action for you. Now I want Moonbase put on Yellow Alert from 10:45, to track Seagull X-Ray. Now it's carrying S.H.A.D.O. VIP's and the Utronic Equipment. So, let's keep everybody on their toes... we can't afford to take chances!
Lieutenant Ellis: Roger.

Lieutenant Ellis to Space Tracker Harrington
Lieutenant Ellis:
Joan, announce a Yellow Alert for 10:45.
Space Tracker Harrington: Yes, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Ellis: And, complete the status check. I think this is going to be for real, I'm going to take a break, I'll be back about 10:30.
Space Tracker Harrington: Okay.

Space Tracker Harrington: Moonbase will be on Yellow Alert from 10:45 Earth elapse time.  Repeat, 10:45 E.E.T. All Space Trackers to be fully operational by 10:45 E.E.T. Astronauts to be on standby. 

Moonbase Sleep Sphere
Astronaut Waterman:
Moonbase Operative Joanna: Be right with you, Lew.
Astronaut Waterman: No hurry. I want to run a computer check on the Interceptor systems in about 10 minutes. Hi Gay...
Lieutenant Ellis: Hello, Lew...
Astronaut Waterman: Do you think this could be it, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ellis: Looks like it, Lew. An S.S.T. travelling at Mach 4 is a pretty tempting target, particularly if it's carrying the new Utronic Equipment.
Timing: 14:53 - Moonbase Leisure Sphere
Lieutenant Ellis:
Hello, Ken. Hi, Mark...
Astronaut Mark Bradley: Gay, this alert... what do you think... another false alarm?
Lieutenant Ellis: I don't think so, Mark. 
Astronaut Bradley: So this time it could be real?
Lieutenant Ellis: Yeah... could be?
Astronaut Bradley: Well, I guess we could all do with a bit of action.
Lieutenant Ellis: Well, I could do with a cup of coffee!

UFO Episode: Computer Affair

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing


Tues, 13th
May 1969


Fri, 23rd
May 1969
Timing: 03:06 - Moonbase
Lieutenant Gay Ellis: The spares' situation might need reviewing; I'd like to see the levels kept about 20% higher.
Colonel Freeman: It's funny you should say that, Straker asked me to get your ideas on the subject. He had the same idea.
Timing: 03:26 - Moonbase corridor
Colonel Freeman:
What sort of times are you making on the Interceptor launches, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ellis: About 125 seconds flat.
Colonel Freeman: Pretty good! Well, that about wraps it up for this month. I'll report a clean bill of health.
Lieutenant Ellis: Fine.

Timing: 03:42 - Moonbase Control Sphere
I have a possible sighting. Will relay details of speed and trajectory.
Lieutenant Nina Barry: I have a trace, bearing: 062-415 Green. Confirm sighting, Yellow Alert. I repeat, Yellow Alert.

SID: UFO has entered area Blue 634. Interceptors are in position and waiting for confirmation. Will give confirmation of attack coordinates and missile timing as soon as possible.

Lieutenant Ellis: The next sweep should tell us.

SID: Red alert, Red alert. Confirm Unidentified Flying Object.

Lieutenant Ellis: This is Moonbase Control, Red alert. Repeat, Red alert. Interceptors immediate launch. Interceptors immediate launch.

Interceptor Three: R checks, A-O.K.
Interceptor Two: R checks, A-O.K.
Interceptor One: R checks, A-O.K.

Lieutenant Ellis: Switch to radio link four. Onboard computer waveband zero six eight.

SID: Confirm speed, zero decimal SOL eight.
Lieutenant Ellis: Bearing?
Space Tracker Harrington: 342-047.
Lieutenant Ellis: That's it, don't lose it. Base to Interceptors, have the UFO on positive track.
Space Tracker Harrington: Speed SOL zero decimal eight.
Lieutenant Ellis: Speed SOL zero decimal eight. Bearing: 342-047.

SID: UFO maintaining course, predict Interceptors in range 51 seconds.

Lieutenant Ellis: Control to leader; use onboard computer for the auto-count.
Astronaut Bradley: Roger. Missile launch 5 seconds: 4, 3, 2, 1, Zero. Have visual contact with explosions. Detonation positive.
Colonel Freeman: Did they get it?
Lieutenant Barry: I still have a contact, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Ellis: Double check!
Lieutenant Barry: Positive.

SID: Predict UFO on collision course with Interceptors. Impact 32 seconds.
Lieutenant Ellis: Control to Interceptor 2, alter course to 024-201.
SID: Impact 14 seconds.
Astronaut Ken Mathews: Interceptor One to base, request new course. One to base, request new course.
Lieutenant Ellis: Control to Interceptor 3, alter course to 024-186.
SID: Impact 9 seconds.
Astronaut Mathews: Interceptor One to base, request new course.
Lieutenant Ellis: Control to Interceptor 1, alter course to 024-218.
Lieutenant Barry: It's too late, Lieutenant!
Lieutenant Ellis: Come in One. Come in One.
SID: Impact confirmed, Interceptor One destroyed.
Timing: 13:55 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Colonel Freeman:
Anything from those satellite shots?
Lieutenant Ford: No, sir.
Colonel Freeman: Well, keep looking. It's got to be there somewhere.

SID: Have relocated UFO in area Blue.
Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Commander Straker:
Colonel Freeman: We've picked it up!
Commander Straker: Great! I'll be right there...
S.H.A.D.O. Control
Commander Straker:
Where is it?
Colonel Freeman: Just crossing the Atlantic sea-board sector. Speed and altitude are way down, the Moonbase Interceptors must have damaged it.
Commander Straker: Right! Alert Sky One.
Lieutenant Ford: Right, sir.
In Captain Carlin's cabin: SkyDiver navigator via video comm
SkyDiver Navigator: S.H.A.D.O. H.Q., Skipper, they've located the UFO.
Captain Carlin: Be right there...
SkyDiver Control Cabin
SkyDiver Engineer:
I've got the UFO's latest fix, sir. If we steer 042, we should intercept in eighteen minutes.
Captain Carlin: Right! Alter course to 042, give her everything she's got!
SkyDiver Navigator: Steer 042. Maximum speed!
Timing: xx:xx - x

UFO Episode: Flight Path

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Mon, 26th
May 1969

Thurs, 5th
June 1969
Paul Roper: #807 - Travel case #: 4757-9865.
Paul Roper's car registration: A21384.
Timing: 13:55 - Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Colonel Freeman: Well, what did they say?
Commander Straker: Not good! The stress decision tests are positive. Signs of anxiety, traces of tension, and traces of neurosis. The observers report similar findings: decision-making below par, reflexes bad, impetuosity, nervousness...
Colonel Freeman: I don't believe you.
Commander Straker: It's all down here. He's an out-and-out risk, Alec. And, we can't afford to take chances.
Colonel Freeman: I've known Paul Roper for years.
Commander Straker: Well take a look at the facts, Alec. The man's a mess, I don't know why. Check him.
Timing: 17:09 - Paul Roper's car
Roper's car phone:
Paul Roper: Yes.
Roper's car phone: The calculations.
Paul Roper: Yes, alright. But you must never contact me or my wife again. Okay, on those conditions. Ready?
Begin: 42 degrees, 2 minutes, angle 84. 58 degrees, 7 minutes, angle 65. Go down two. 68 degrees, 7 minutes. Position 33 degrees. Down 2. Alternate coordinates 2742. Now down 3...
Timing: 20:10 - Straker's S.H.A.D.O. office
Commander Straker:
Numbers. Angles. What do they mean, Roper?
Paul Roper: I was given program number for SID. Told to feed in certain information, memorise the results.
Colonel Freeman: So, we've got a batch of data, but how do we apply it?
Paul Roper: I can give you the data. Not the significance.
Commander Straker: You mean to tell me you didn't know what you were doing when you handed over those figures?
Paul Roper: No.
Commander Straker: Then we're going to have to put everything into finding out.
Timing: 20:46 - Moonbase Control Sphere
Lieutenant Ellis:
Get me Commander Straker (to Lt. Barry)
Lieutenant Barry: Yes, Lieutenant.
Commander Straker: Well, keep working on it, Lieutenant. Is there any deal from SID?
Lieutenant Ellis: So far, we've got a series of three-dimensional direction indicators.
Commander Straker: Now what does that mean?
Lieutenant Ellis: Well, it's like some sort of navigation course, only in three-dimensions. So, it's a course for some kind of space vehicle to steer.
Commander Straker: A UFO?
Lieutenant Ellis: Could be...
Commander Straker: Well, as you say Lieutenant, it's not much, but maybe it's a start. Let me know when you have anything.
Lieutenant Ellis: Right.
Commander Straker: A flight path. But to where?
Timing: 22:37 - S.H.A.D.O. Control in communications with Moonbase Control
Lieutenant Ford:
Roger, I've got that. Er, one moment Moonbase. Lieutenant Ellis for you, sir.
Commander Straker: Straker!
Lieutenant Ellis: I've had Joan Harrington work over Roper's figures...
Commander Straker: And what does she make of them?
Lieutenant Ellis: They describe relative planetary positions.
Commander Straker: Which planets?
Lieutenant Ellis: Considering the urgency of the problem, there's no choice but to make an educated guess.
Commander Straker: All right, Lieutenant, educate me.
Lieutenant Ellis: The relative positions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth would fit Roper's figures. One snag, the last set of information is a time reference, but it still doesn't make sense.
Commander Straker: Well, you've come up with enough information to scare the daylights out of me, Lieutenant. Keep working on that last sequence. Out!
Timing: 25:25 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Lieutenant Ford:
Maximum security alert operational, sir. Captain Carlin standing by.
Commander Straker: Right... Captain Carlin, Straker.
Captain Carlin: Carlin. Reading you.
Commander Straker: I want you to launch Sky One for possible interception.
Captain Carlin: Area?
Commander Straker: Green Zero B. Make a twenty-mile radius sweep around S.H.A.D.O. HQ.
Captain Carlin: Sounds pretty close to home, sir. What's going on?
Commander Straker: That's our problem, Captain. You just concentrate on being ready. Out!
Captain Carlin: Launch stations.
SkyDiver Navigator Maxwell: Yes, sir. Launch stations. Clear one.
SkyDiver Operative Howell: One clear.
SkyDiver Navigator Maxwell: Clear two.
SkyDiver Operative Howell: Two clear.
SkyDiver Navigator Maxwell: Check boosters.
Timing: 26:45 - S.H.A.D.O. Control
Have relocated UFO in area 427 Blue.
Commander Straker: Get me Captain Carlin immediately.
Lieutenant Ford: Yes, sir. Control to Sky One.
Commander Straker: Carlin, this is Straker.
Captain Carlin: Receiving you.
Commander Straker: Suspect driving east on route four in bronze S.H.A.D.O. car. Follow and observe.
Captain Carlin: Roger.
Commander Straker: Out.
Timing: 27:33 - Sky One to S.H.A.D.O. Control
Captain Carlin:
Sky One to S.H.A.D.O. Control. I'm positioned over target area. Building below destroyed. I can see no sign of life. Request UFO fix and attack coordinates.
Lieutenant Ford: Roger, Sky One.

UFO Episode: Survival

UFO Episode technical dialogues, abbreviations (acronyms) of technical words and meanings, with the associated dialogue.

Timings, acronyms, technical dialogue and phrasing

Thurs, 19th
June 1969
+ Thurs
3rd July

Tues, 1st
July 1969
Timing: 06:46 - Astronaut Bill Grant
Colonel Foster:
Astronaut William Grant: killed in the line of duty; Sunday, April the 12th, 1981.
Timing: 07:48 - Commander Straker's office
Colonel Foster:
We've calculated that the projectile was fired from a group of rocks about 200 metres (656.15 ft) from the base. The chemical analysis hasn't told us much, except it's part alloy. One of the constituents is unknown on earth.
Commander Straker: Now you're saying that a UFO landed on the Moon, undetected, and one of its occupants got out and fired this projectile at Moonbase.
Colonel Foster: Three days ago, a particularly large stream of meteorites played havoc with our tracking system.
Colonel Freeman: It could have landed then.
Commander Straker: Yes, yes. Then just taken off again after the attack.
Colonel Foster: No, the interference didn't last long enough. It's still somewhere on the Moon. I've had the interceptors searching for the last 24 hours.
Commander Straker: And, if they find it?
Colonel Foster: My orders are seek and destroy!
Commander Straker: Mm... When is the next lunar launch possible?
S.H.A.D.O. Video Phone: At 14:00 hours tomorrow, sir.
Commander Straker: Alec, I'm going back to Moonbase with Commander Foster. You will assume command here.
Colonel Freeman: Right!
Commander Straker: Oh, and Alec... will you get me everything we've got on the disintegration of UFO's in the Earth's atmosphere?
Colonel Freeman: Give me thirty minutes.
Commander Straker: Commander, I want you to countermand your orders to the Interceptors. Tell them to seek and observe. Yes, I know, I know... the natural reaction is to want to hit back. I liked Bill Grant too. But, we know that a UFO disintegrates if it stays too long on Earth. All our evidence suggests that it has some reaction with our atmosphere.
Colonel Foster: And, there's no atmosphere on the Moon!
Commander Straker: Exactly! This may be our best chance ever to get our hands on a UFO, intact. Now look Foster, we won't be able to leave for another 23 hours. Why don't you go somewhere and unwind.
Colonel Foster: Yeah, I think maybe you're right. I'll leave an address where you can contact me.
Commander Straker: I think I know where.
Timing: 12:58 - Moonbase Control Sphere

Space Tracker Harrington: You better tell one of those astronauts to get those aerial photos in here fast; that's the first thing he'll ask for...
Commander Straker: Second thing, Space Tracker Harrington. The first thing is a cup of coffee, perhaps you'll be good enough to organise that. Miss Barry...
Lieutenant Barry: Yes, sir?
Commander Straker: I met your father about a month ago, I was happy to tell him I think you're settling in extremely well.
Lieutenant Barry: Thank you, sir.
Commander Straker: Now, if you'd ask someone to bring the aerial photographs along to the leisure sphere, please.
Lieutenant Barry: Sir.
Commander Straker: Oh, Harrington. That's with cream and sugar, please.
Space Tracker Harrington: Yes, sir.
Timing: 13:30 - Moonbase Leisure Sphere
Astronaut Bradley:
Infra-red from thirty thousand feet (5.681 miles or 9.1440 km.).
Commander Straker: You say it's in there...
Astronaut Bradley: Yes, sir. Here's a blow-up.
Commander Straker: Ah, yes. There it is. How long would it take a Moonmobile to get into that area?
Colonel Foster: It's just below the terminator.
Commander Straker: All right. Let's set it up.
Colonel Foster: I suggest we use two Mobiles, a couple of men in each.
Commander Straker: Fine... er, who do you suggest as crew?
Astronaut Bradley: I'd like a crack at that, sir.
Commander Straker: Thank you.
Colonel Foster: Mark can handle it, he knows the area.
Commander Straker: Fine. You can choose your own navigator.
Astronaut Bradley: Thank you, sir.
Commander Straker: Now, that just leaves the other Moonmobile.
Colonel Foster: I'll pick my own men as well. I suggest we use a missiles operative.
Commander Straker: As Moonbase Commander, your place is in the Control Sphere.
Colonel Foster: Maybe, sir. But, I was the one who saw Bill Grant's face as he tried to make it to that airlock!
Timing: 13:30 - x