Moonbase wall-mounted switch controllers

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The S.H.A.D.O. Control Room and Moonbase Control Sphere sets were extensively dressed with hi-tech consoles, monitors and wall units built by Century 21 Film Props. However, certain pieces of equipment - most notably the Video Phone on the desk in Commander Straker's S.H.AD.O. office - were reused from Doppelganger. Don Fagan (Managing Director), Brian Morrison (Works Manager), Richard Barnett, Terry Curtis, Richard Wilson built dozens of new pieces of instrumentation for UFO.

For the Moonbase Control Sphere set alone they provided a modular central console fitted with a disguised 11 inch video monitor, two modular Tracker consoles with two disguised 11 inch video monitors on each, a bank of eight digital counters capable of random running, changing colour and settling to a pre-determined readout, and 55 instrument cases which were stacked around the walls in banks of five.
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MOONBASE Wall Switch Controller: Switch Control System
The S.H.A.D.O. Wall Mounted Switching Units may be seen in many episodes of UFO. There were two types of cabinets (the 'rectangular' units and the 'curved' units that were seen mounted in the Moonbase Control Sphere: please see below). The front panel layout was largely the same throughout all the units, but the colour of the rocker switches and the colour of the indicators differed throughout the units.