Miss Ealand's 'Micro Radio'

Miss Ealand's

Miss Ealand's Micro Radio can be seen near the beginning of the UFO Episode: "Court Martial" [Timing: 03:15 > 03:35]. Commander Straker's secretary, Miss Ealand had evidently left her radio playing whilst she was away from her desk, or maybe she had even left for the day. Commander Straker is intrigued as he hears music whilst walking past her desk. He stops, picks up the radio and is clearly fascinated and intrigued by the miniature technical marvel.

CLICK on the video below to view an excerpt from the UFO episode: "Court Martial" showing Commander Straker examining Miss Ealand's 'Micro Radio'

Excerpt from the UFO episode "Court Martial" - Commander Straker is fascinated by Miss Ealand's 'Micro Radio'
S. R. L.'s video showing a cutaway buildup of the Mk2 version of Miss Ealand's 'Micro Radio'


The Miss Ealand 'Micro Radio' weighs in at 46 grams, and is 22mm (0.866 inches) in diameter. The bluetooth receiver has a range of up to 20 meters (65 feet max.) as makes it perfect for playing music or audio from mobiles, tablets and computers or any Bluetooth transmitting device. 

It is easy to Use: The all-in-one multifunction button of the 'Micro Radio' lets you rise the volume when enjoying music and radio, and also hands-free mobile phone calling.

Long Playtime: The 'Ealand Micro Radio' has up to 4 hours playing time with the built-in rechargeable 300mAh Li-Po battery via its USB connector.

Controller / volume / misc.


loudspeaker and driver







● Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC

● Rated Power: 3.5W

● Transmitting Frequency: 20Hz - 20kHz

● THD: < 1%

● S/N: > 80dB

● Speaker Parameter: 20mm

● Battery Type: (LiPo): Lithium Polymer Battery

● Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 300mAh

● Charging Voltage: / Current: DC 5V / 300 mA

● Transmission Range: MAX 20m (65 feet max.)

● Music Playing Time: Approx. 2-4 hours (depending on volume)

● Size: 22mm (0.866 inches) in diameter
● Weight: 46 grams


Custom PLL FM Stereo Radio receiver module
PLL FM Stereo radio rcvr module

The Ealand Micro Radio contains a custom PLL FM Stereo audio received module that picks up signals over 76-108MHz having the same functions as a standard domestic FM Radio set (radio and receiver).

4000mAh Li-Po battery and charger
4000mwh li-po battery

The Ealand Micro Radio x.

3W Loudspeaker
3w loudspeaker

The Ealand Micro Radio x.

Three (3) colour bands available
3 colour bands available

The Ealand Micro Radio x.

Miss Ealand's "Micro Radio"

The Miss Ealand Micro Radio contains a custom P.L.L. FM Stereo audio received module that picks up signals over 76-108MHz having the same functions as a standard domestic FM Radio set (radio and receiver). While generally used receivers work on a single or several predetermined frequencies, this module can pick up any stereo signals of any frequency within the range of 76-108MHz.
The radio receiver module is miniature sized to fit in the Ealand Radio.

● Stereo reception from all broadcast bands (76-108MHz)
● P.L.L. system guarantees good frequency stability
● Miniature-sized (SMD type), easy to apply to products
● Controllable via a custom CPU (MCU)
● Works on a single voltage 5V

● Stereo reception from all broadcast bands (76-108MHz)
● Bluetooth 4.x will allow playback from all bluetooth enabled devices: computers, tablets, mobile phone (Android and Apple), etc.
● PLL system

● Diameter: 35 mm ● Height (not including the removable aerial): 38 mm
● Weight: 300gms

Partial cutaway of the Mk2 Miss Ealand

Miss Ealand's "Micro Radio"

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS [P.L.L. FM Radio Receiver Pin Information]
● 1: GND
● 2: Bus
● 3: Data
● 4: Clock
● 5: W/R
● 6: BUS-EN
● 7: ANTENNA Input connect
● 8: VCC: DC 3-5V (+) input
● 9: GND
● 10: R-OUT: Audio right signal output
● 11: L-OUT Audio left signal output
● 12: GND: Power (-) connect

● Bus, data, Clock, W/R, Bus-enable, CPU (MCU) control.

Partial cutaway of the Mk2 Miss Ealand

PLL FM Stereo Receiver
module specifications

Operational voltageDC 3V, (Max DC 5V)
Operational current8 - 15mA
Frequency88MHz - 108MHz
Receiving methodSuper Heterodyne
Audio Output Power60 - 90mV
ControlCPU (MCU) : 3-wire bus

Miss Ealand's "Micro Radio"
As seen at the beginning of the UFO Episode: "Court Martial"