Here is a list of S.H.A.D.O. Land and Sea Vehicles seen in UFO.


S.H.A.D.O. SkyDiver's are a fleet of submarines that patrol the Earth's oceans. Diver is mated (docked to its bow) with the submersible, undersea-launched Sky One interceptor aircraft, which attacks UFO's in Earth's atmosphere. SkyDiver holds a crew of at least six, including a Captain who also pilots the fighter Sky One. SkyDiver investigates underwater UFO wreckage, and when required it becomes stationary and then angles upwards 45 degrees prior to launching the fighter, Sky One. There is a fleet of - at least - four SkyDivers (named "SkyDiver One", "SkyDiver Two" etc.). They are armed with missiles, and are nuclear-powered.

SkyDiver is a combination of shark and vulture that fits no known specification. If SkyDiver ever got listed in any technical journal, which was unlikely, several pages would be needed to describe its blend of atomic submarine and manned anti-ballistic missile, the all-purpose destroyer of all time. SkyDiver's Captain, Peter Carlin, confided to Paul Foster in an off-duty moment that he was glad the deadly vessel had never been used against other human beings, other nations. This amphibious hawk was strictly for the birds - or whatever those flying furies from outer space might be. Nothing land-based could have achieved such mobility, or such secrecy. For ever roving the seabed, forever on the alert, it could launch its flying prow in a matter of seconds. From the Atlantic, Pacific or Arctic the supersonic warhead was ready to answer any alarm from overhead or from the far side of the world: in sheer climb or an orbit girdling the world, it would race to meet an intruder from any direction, any angle.

Episodes: Identified, Computer Affair, Flight Path, Exposed, Conflict, A Question of Priorities, Ordeal, The Responsibility Seat, Close Up, Sub-Smash, Destruction, The Psychobombs, Reflections in the Water.

Sky One

Sky One (Two, Three, Four etc.) are Jet fighter craft for destroying UFO's in the Earth's atmosphere or performing aerial reconnaissance. Launched underwater from SkyDiver, it has a single seat, and is generally piloted by the Skydiver Captain. It is armed with missiles which are located underneath each wing.

Episodes: Identified, Computer Affair, Flight Path, Exposed, Conflict, A Question of Priorities, Ordeal, The Responsibility Seat, Sub-Smash, The Sound of Silence, Destruction, The Man Who Came Back, The Psychobombs, Reflections in the Water, Mindbender.

S.H.A.D.O. Mobiles

The S.H.A.D.O. Mobiles are tank-like all-terrain vehicles used for locating and dealing with landed UFO's on Earth. The mobiles seat at least two in the front cabin, and have a cargo area in the back. There are at least four Mobiles, one (S.H.A.D.O. Control  Mobile) which has a command post in the rear compartment. They are armed with turret guns on the top, and are transported around the world to the closest approximate location to various UFO landing sites by SHADAIR transport planes or Transporter Trucks (Marker's Universal) which is a lorry and trailer used to secretly transport the S.H.A.D.O. Mobile vehicles to their operational sites. The S.H.A.D.O. Control Mobile, complete with large rotating radar dish is the local command and control centre, whilst the standard Mobiles came equiped with roof mounted retractable cannons and depthcharges.

Episodes: Computer Affair, Flight Path, A Question of Priorities, The Square Triangle, E.S.P., The Sound of Silence, The Psychobombs, Mindbender.

S.H.A.D.O. Jeeps

The S.H.A.D.O. Jeeps are six-wheeled vehicles used for transportation at and around S.H.A.D.O. H.Q. and elsewhere. The Jeeps are capable of carrying more people and cargo than those sleek gull-winged cars!

The SHADO Jeeps were originally designed on the body of British Motor Corporation's Mini Moke vehicles for Gerry Anderson's 1969 theatrical film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (originally known as Doppelgänger).

Episodes: All except Survival, The Dalotek Affair, A Question of Priorities, Mindbender.

Commander Straker's S.H.A.D.O. car

The futuristic, gull-winged cars driven by Commander Straker, Col. Alec Freeman and Col. Paul Foster were originally built for the Anderson movie Doppelgänger. During the shooting of UFO, David Lowe and Sydney Carlton raised funds to form a company called The Explorer Motor Company, dedicated to the mass production of these cars for sale to the public. A plastic mould was made of the Straker car, in preparation for mass production, but the company never got off the ground. Both Ed Bishop and Michael Billington commented that the futuristic cars were "impossible to drive", partly because the steering wheel was designed for looks rather than functionality. Also, the gull-wing doors did not open automatically. Every shot in which the car door was seen to open automatically had to be arranged so that a prop man could run up to the car, just outside the frame, open the door, and hold it open while Ed Bishop stepped out. In certain episodes (most notably "Court Martial") the prop man can be seen. The show also made limited use of American models, which were unfamiliar to British viewers. These supposedly futuristic vehicles included a 1965 Ford Galaxie station wagon and an Oldsmobile Toronado. American viewers found these appearances rather amusing.

Commander Straker's personal automobile has powered gull-wing doors and is bronze-colored. Has a built-in car phone and an intruder alarm which notifies S.H.A.D.O. HQ in case of an emergency.

Episodes: All except The Dalotek Affair, The Square Triangle, Reflections in the Water.

Colonel Foster's S.H.A.D.O. car

Episodes: E.S.P. and Ordeal