S.H.A.D.O. spacecraft and SPACE Vehicles

Here is a list of S.H.A.D.O. Spacecraft and Space Vehicles as seen in UFO.

Space Intruder Detector

The name SID is and acronym for "Space Intruder Detector". SID is a satellite in Earth's orbit, and is capable and provides the first warnings to SHADO and Moonbase on detecting incoming UFO's from outer space. SID calculates and plots their approach and possible target destination, and also provides the Interceptor Missile launch and target coordinates for the Moonbase Interceptors and also for Sky One. SID provides the first warning of a UFO approaching from deep space utilising the Utronic Detection system designed and built for SHADO by Westbrook Electronics in Los Angeles, USA. SID can also track UFO's flying in the Earth's atmosphere, and provides targeting coordinates for Sky (1,2,3 and 4) fighters, and communicates with Moonbase and S.H.A.D.O. HQ using a computer generated voice.

All except Survival, Conflict, Court Martial, Confetti Check A-OK, The Psychobombs, Timelash, Mindbender, The Long Sleep. Voice of SID: Mel Oxley

Moonbase Interceptors

The Moonbase Interceptors are the first line of defence against incoming UFO's. The interceptors are housed in silos near Moonbase, there are three each with a single missile. They have a single seat, and the pilots access them via chutes located in the Moonbase leisure sphere. The Interceptors are then elevated to ground level and then launch on command. The Moonbase Interceptors cannot operate within the Earth's atmosphere.

Episodes: All except Court Martial, Confetti Check A-OK, Sub-Smash, The Psychobombs, Timelash, The Long Sleep.

Moonbase Lunar Module

The Moonbase Lunar Module is used for trips between the Earth and Moon, the Lunar Module being responsible for the portion of flight in space. It separates/docks at the rear of the Lunar Carrier plane high in the atmosphere. The Lunar Module performs a vertical takeoff/landing at Moonbase. It can seat at least two people, and has a personnel and cargo storage area for transporting supplies and equipment.

At least two Lunar Modules are destroyed in episodes of UFO: "Conflict" and "The Dalotek Affair".

Episodes: Computer Affair, Flight Path, Survival, Conflict, The Dalotek Affair, A Question of Priorities, Close Up, Kill Straker, The Cat With Ten Lives, The Man Who Came Back, Reflections in the Water.

Moonmobiles/Moon Hoppers

Moonmobiles or Moon Hoppers can be deployed for transportation or reconnaissance. The Moonmobiles are housed in a hanger at Moonbase, these are used for local transportation on the lunar surface, also for investigating UFO wreckage, visiting other lunar bases, etc. There are at least two Moonmobiles, each which seat at least two people. They glide above the lunar surface like a hovercraft, and are armed with missiles.

Episodes: Flight Path, Survival, The Dalotek Affair, Ordeal, The Responsibility Seat, Mindbender.

Moonmobile Rocket Launchers

Tank-like vehicles which defend Moonbase from UFO attacks. These are rarely seen, and presumably were built after S.H.A.D.O. had been operational for a while. There are at least two of them, they seem to be unmanned, and fire missiles from a top rotating turret.

Episodes: Reflections in the Water.